Monday, February 8, 2016

Everybody knows you don't eat the "E's"!!!!


 So on Monday, we had some normal P-day activities of going to stores.

On Tuesday, we had a koukan with the Zone Leaders from Fukutoku! I got to stay in Gifu and Elder Hall came and it was great! He is a way hard worker. We went way far on bikes and it was way fun! Then for dinner we went out for sushi!!! Yes! it was way good!

Then on Wednesday, we switched back from that and then we went to the Oni Festival with Tami, who is one of the sassiest Grandmas you will ever meet. It was way fun! They threw beans from a balcony in packets and you had to try to catch it, and they are lucky. Then you have to eat as many of the beans as the age you are turning this year. And some of the packets had prize tickets inside them and so everyone was trying really hard to get the packets of beans. The crowd was like going to a concert! Then we had Eikaiwa and it was way fun! For kids eikaiwa, only the Hayashi family was there so it was great. They are the best little kids ever! We talked about the different "Hello" words
like "good morning, good night, etc."  It was way fun! Then we taught them how to write their names in English letters. And then Manaho-chan (she's secretly my favorite) asked us how to write Star Wars in English!!! Way too fun!!!
For Thursday, we had another koukan but this time it was with the Ogaki Elders. It was great! We got to finally meet Elder Montoya, because he just transferred in from Hamamatsu, and he is great! Then
we went to Stamina Tarou which is an all you can eat meat place and it was great! We were not really hungry for dinner!!!

Then on Friday, we had a good old time doing the normal Missionary stuff. Like housing! I actually love it!  And I love it because it is the only time we are allowed to talk to the women of Japan and they are way nicer to us than the men are. And grandmas will open their doors and say they don't want to talk to you but to take this bag of food with you, but get off of my porch.
Then we met with a guy the previous Elders who were in Gifu met and he was a blast! He was crazy good at magic and he brought a couple of his friends with him and they were way cool too! We want to meet with him a lot! Also we had DTM and then went out for Indo curry afterwards (of course).

Saturday we talked to a ton of people and it was good! And it was way weird because I woke up that morning and thought that it was Sunday!!! So that just made the rest of the day a little off balance for me. And we went to try to visit Ayabe, but he wasn't home. Oh well. It was still good. We got to bike far and get some good exercise.
Then on Sunday we had church and it was good. It was fast and testimony meeting and I love it! And there was a member of the Stake presidency there and it was good. Gifu ward is the best! There are so
many cool people to talk to. It is great!

I hope that you all have had a great week and that you will have another one! If you guys do anything cool, send me pictures!!! I want to see it!

I have been asked five times this week if I was Japanese. So yeah. I must look like it or something. And people don't believe me if I say that I am not.   They just ask where in Japan I am from or just straight up say oh you're Japanese.... Yada yana and then they are like ok maybe half or whatever.  So there's a funny thing this week.

Peace out Homies!!!---莉茶長老

Oni Festival throwing bean packets.

This is the first sentence that all Japanese people learn of English in school.

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