Sunday, February 14, 2016

It's not junk, it's treasure!


Happy Valentines Day (well yesterday)! (And today for some of you)! I hope that you all had fun this week! I had a good time. I feel like not that much happened this week though.

         On Monday, it was New Years (again) and that was fun, we didn't really do anything for it though. We went shopping for P-day and then we went and explored what stores are in a different part of our area that we've never been before. And that was way fun. Our area is so huge! I am always amazed at how much stuff is here, and we go places and we look to see if we are near the edge and we look and we are still like in the middle. Pretty crazy!

         Then on Tuesday, we went and visited some people and then had dinner with a member at Subway! It was really cool. The only thing is in Japan, the five dollar foot long is a five dollar six inch. So it was small, but it tasted good! Then we went home teaching with Niwa Kyodai like we do every week and that is always pretty fun. We get to visit a lot of people, and it is great having a member there, and it is really great that he has a car! So that's really nice.

         On Wednesday, we went to Japanese class in the morning and taught/learned about the gospel. I thought my teacher about the Plan of Salvation and she helped me to be able to say everything better. And she was really interested in what we believe about Satan and what his role is in the plan. Really interesting. She also said that she likes our plan better than the one of Buddhism. She said that it is a lot more friendly and happy and kind. So we talked a little about revelation and how we know that this is the correct plan, and that all of the others are really this, but they lost part of it. She loves that
idea and she wants to talk more about it this week. And she was really interested in temples and how we can help people who died without the gospel so they can have eternal life. Pretty great!  So I am going to invite her to our family history night that we are doing and that should be really good. Then we had Eikaiwa and it was super fun.  Again, because of the rain, only the Hayashi Family showed up and it was great! I love those little kids!
         Thursday, we went to visit Ayabe Kyodai and he wasn't there. So bummer. But it was ok because we found a way faster way to his house this time and then we found out there is a whole other group of stores that we want to check out over there. So that is what we're doing today for P-day. Awesome. It should be good. Then we went and talked to people and ran into Joseph, our British potential investigator, when we stopped at McDonald's for food. It was awesome and now we have an appointment. So revelation can come in the form of cravings and being really hungry. Also being cheap. But yeah that was Thursday.

         Friday, we had DTM and talked about recognizing and acting on spiritual prompting some. Super great! Then we had to go catch a train to go to Gero which is super far away in our area and the train ride takes two hours. Also it is sixty bucks. This is the train ride that at the beginning of the transfer we tried to do and ended up in Takayama. But we made it this time and it was a great family home evening and was so much fun. The Katsuragawa family is the best!

         Then on Saturday, we went home teaching with Sogabe Kyodai and Koshiba Kyodai. It was way good! And we went out to eat with Sogabe Kyodai and he ordered us the biggest tonkatsu ever! It was way too much! But it was delicious!

         On Sunday, yesterday, we had church and it was Valentines and it was fun! The sisters gave valentines to everyone and it was a little origami heart and it was way fun! And a lot of people gave out chocolate. And we even got a Valentine's Day chocolate box from our investigators that night when we went for a lesson! Awesome! And we had a great lesson and the spirit was so strong and it was a great feeling in the room.

         But that is pretty much my week and it was fun! I hope you all have had a great time this week and that you will have a great time this next week!

                         Peace out homies!!!

Normal district.
Silly district. 

Sogabe Kyodai and tonkatsu.

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