Sunday, February 28, 2016

So there was this one time that...

Minasan, What's up?

         So today was pretty great!  We woke up at 4:00 and went fishing with the Young Men's President and that was awesome! We went and there were a few people there at the place that he wanted to go to and that was ok. All of the guys were really nice...for the most part. And we caught a ton of fish and there is no fish limit so we got to take home all of them, and so now there are about fifteen fish in our fridge. Which is crazy because Elder Bunch hates fish and so I am just the only
one who will eat it. Crazy, I'm the only one who likes fish? Since when did that ever happen? All of the poles were like nine meters long though so it was weird. But Sogabe Kyodai had some short ones, and so I got to fish like normal after trying the giant poles and I didn't like it. But I got to fish like normal after that so I was happy.  But that was super fun and than it started to rain and we were at a little weir on the Nagara River and it turned out the net had broken so there weren't that many fish there after a certain point, and so we left because it was cold and nothing was happening. But it was a good time anyway!

         On Tuesday, we finally got to meet with Ayabe at his house! We had been trying to find him during the week and then he didn't come to church so we were like, AHHHH! And then he wasn't ever home when we visited him and it was also like, AHHH! Then we went on Tuesday and he
was there! We had realized that he hadn't signed the form that says that he got an interview for baptism...Whoops! So we finally got that form signed and then asked where he was for church. He had slept in and woke up at like noon and was like dang it I missed church! So he went out and bought an alarm clock so that he won't forget to go to church this week. Awesome!

                 So on Wednesday,  we got to go on a koukan (companion exchange) with the Zone Leaders from the Fukutoku Area! It was way fun! For a long time I have had to stay in my area for all of our koukans and this was the first in a long time that I got to go to another area! When I got there, we got to go visit an investigator of theirs that is famous among missionaries. He can really get off on a tangent about anything, so it can be really hard to teach him about the gospel. For example, we were talking about the spirit and how we can gain knowledge and answers when we pray and he saw that I was wearing a watch and wanted to know what kind it was and that got him on a huge tangent about all of the watches he has owned in the past. And then he told us another story that I'm not sure what it was about and then another and then another...we ended up being there for a while and got
about twenty minutes of gospel in. He is really nice and really smart and has some interest in the church. I think that having us there is really nice for him and that might be why he tries to keep us for so long. But he has a lot of interesting opinions and the conversation is like a really interesting roller coaster. And I really liked being with Elder Callahan. He was awesome and we have a ton in common! We got along really, really well! It was really good because before this, I didn't really know him that well and now I can really relate with him better during a zone thing. I was really happy to get to go on a koukan and be with such a cool guy!

         Then on Thursday, we went on another koukan, this time with the Ogaki Elders and I got to be in Gifu. Although it was way fun to get to go to another area, I was really happy to be back in Gifu. I got to be with Elder Dana and he is just awesome! We always have lots of fun together. We did all sorts of stuff and biked pretty far! Of course all of that was my choice, but I really like being busy.

       On Friday was DTM!!! It was great! We got to talked about family history! Ishii Kaicho thinks that family history will definitely help us be better missionaries! Especially since all of the people in Japan are Buddhist or Shinto and well, guess what, families are super important to them! Awesome! I hope that everyone can get really excited about this! I really am!

         On Saturday, we had a mogi! With the Imai family! Their mogis are the best. We learn so much cause they have taken all of the mogi lessons that all the missionaries ever have done and they help you make it easy to understand and they can relate it to Buddhism and everything! Super awesome!

        Then for Sunday, we had church (of course). And it was great! We talked about baptism and the gift of the Holy Ghost in Sunday School and it was a really good lesson, a lot of people had really good questions and they had a great discussion...I think.

         This was a great week, we talked a lot about feeling the spirit and about how we can have greater love for the people of Japan. I think that is great. We always worry about what we will do in lessons, but the important thing really is what they will do after lessons. Our entire job is to get people in a place where they are going to do something about what they are feeling. Some people are really hard to get to act and some already want to act but just don't know how. That's why we give commitments to people so that we can help them to feel the spirit when we aren't there. When they commit to do something, they are promising to God that they will do it and when they fulfill that promise, Heavenly Father will give them the spirit and the blessings that they are seeking.

         I hope that you all had and will have a great week. Don't forget to be cool and to just (as I taught the Fukutoku eikaiwa) roll with it. Matthew 5:6 stay thirsty my friends.
-Richardson Choro

Fishing at the weir

Sunday, February 21, 2016

Don't feed the pigeons, their mouths will get tired.

Hey guys!

      This week was great! For the most part at least. We went on several adventures and saw many people, fought off pigeons, ate several times, ate a ton of ice cream, ate a ton of meat. It was the best of times, it was the worst of times, if was the season of intelligence, it was the season of foolishness, it was the epoch of belief, if was the epoch of incredulity, it was the spring of joy, it was the winter of
despair.  In short it was just a normal week in the life in the Japan Nagoya mission.

      Not much happened this week, but on Wednesday, I fed some crows and started to build my empire by gaining their trust. It was pretty sweet, and some guy said not to feed the pigeons and then we were like what? Because for one thing, I didn't know the word for pigeon and also there were no pigeons there at the time. Then he realized we were feeding the crows and was like why are you feeding them? And we explained that in order to have world domination, the crows have to trust us. Then he was all confused and I said, I like the crows. And he was like ok. But don't feed the pigeons, their mouths will get tired. So yeah that was weird.

         On Saturday, it rained a ton and we got soaked! And then we had a family home evening about Family History Work! Which was way good! And then there was Costco pizza after!

         We had a koukan (companion exchange) this week with Ogaki and Elder Montoya and I were here in Gifu! Yes! So for lunch we went to a all you can eat place called Stamina Taro! And it was funny, because the last time we have a koukan with them we went to Stamina Taro as a yonin (four people) in Ogaki. But that's not what makes it funny! While we were eating, and we eat a lot, there was a couple that was seated at the table next to us. And they were looking at us funny and then they went to go get food. We thought it was just the normal, whoa look it's gaijin, I think they are American! But later I was eating and Montoya Choro had gone to refill his drink and the guy was gone in the couple, and the girl looked at me and asked if I came to Stamina Taro a lot. And I was like, no I've only been three times ever. And then she related the story how they saw us last time when we were in the Stamina Taro in Ogaki. And she was like, yeah you got a lot of ice cream in one of the bigger bowls. And then Montoya and the guy came back and it was really fun! They said they were from Ogaki and that they were just in Gifu and passed by the restaurant and so they came in to eat. It was a good time. Then we were getting ready to go, being full and whatnot, so we decided it was time for dessert and so we both got a big bowl, from where you are supposed to get other food, the ice cream bowls are tiny, and got a big bowl of ice cream with pineapple and strawberry sauce and when they saw us come back they started laughing so hard! Then she wanted to take a picture of us with the ice cream, because she's Japanese, and we did and it was good. Then we ate the ice cream and when we were leaving we gave them a card with Ogaki's phone number on it and we were like that was awesome!

         Also we have zone conference on Tuesday and it was great! Ishii Kaicho and Ishii Shimai came and we talked a lot about Family history and other things that will help us to be better missionaries! It was really fun to see everyone in our zone again and to see the new people and meet them!

         Sorry for the Scrambledness of this email! But hey if you don't like it, don't read it! Haha. (As I put that at the end:)

         This week I have thought a lot about happiness and the things that we all needing to do. One of our investigators asked us what do we want, like what is our hearts desire. Then we were thinking about it and nothing came to mind. She was really shock and then we asked her and she said like peace feeling. Then later the week, the Nephi scripture in 1Nephi 2:11 I think says like what desires to thou? And so I think about it more. I am the most happy than I have ever been before while
I am here doing the rules and talking to people. I am more happy here when I have to ride bike in the rain and forgot my gloves and hands are really cold. I am more happy here doing what Heavenly Father want me to do than when I was doing what I want to do at home. I love the gospel and know that it bless my life. When we pray God listens. He gives us answers and he loves us.



My legion of crows.
At Japanese class there was a Nepali there named Bibek and he was way cool. Their alphabet went from that squiggle to the other squiggle. Then that's how you write eleven, then 0-10 then Dante Richardson, then Iwamoto Satoko then Bibek Giri it is so cool!

Sunday, February 14, 2016

It's not junk, it's treasure!


Happy Valentines Day (well yesterday)! (And today for some of you)! I hope that you all had fun this week! I had a good time. I feel like not that much happened this week though.

         On Monday, it was New Years (again) and that was fun, we didn't really do anything for it though. We went shopping for P-day and then we went and explored what stores are in a different part of our area that we've never been before. And that was way fun. Our area is so huge! I am always amazed at how much stuff is here, and we go places and we look to see if we are near the edge and we look and we are still like in the middle. Pretty crazy!

         Then on Tuesday, we went and visited some people and then had dinner with a member at Subway! It was really cool. The only thing is in Japan, the five dollar foot long is a five dollar six inch. So it was small, but it tasted good! Then we went home teaching with Niwa Kyodai like we do every week and that is always pretty fun. We get to visit a lot of people, and it is great having a member there, and it is really great that he has a car! So that's really nice.

         On Wednesday, we went to Japanese class in the morning and taught/learned about the gospel. I thought my teacher about the Plan of Salvation and she helped me to be able to say everything better. And she was really interested in what we believe about Satan and what his role is in the plan. Really interesting. She also said that she likes our plan better than the one of Buddhism. She said that it is a lot more friendly and happy and kind. So we talked a little about revelation and how we know that this is the correct plan, and that all of the others are really this, but they lost part of it. She loves that
idea and she wants to talk more about it this week. And she was really interested in temples and how we can help people who died without the gospel so they can have eternal life. Pretty great!  So I am going to invite her to our family history night that we are doing and that should be really good. Then we had Eikaiwa and it was super fun.  Again, because of the rain, only the Hayashi Family showed up and it was great! I love those little kids!
         Thursday, we went to visit Ayabe Kyodai and he wasn't there. So bummer. But it was ok because we found a way faster way to his house this time and then we found out there is a whole other group of stores that we want to check out over there. So that is what we're doing today for P-day. Awesome. It should be good. Then we went and talked to people and ran into Joseph, our British potential investigator, when we stopped at McDonald's for food. It was awesome and now we have an appointment. So revelation can come in the form of cravings and being really hungry. Also being cheap. But yeah that was Thursday.

         Friday, we had DTM and talked about recognizing and acting on spiritual prompting some. Super great! Then we had to go catch a train to go to Gero which is super far away in our area and the train ride takes two hours. Also it is sixty bucks. This is the train ride that at the beginning of the transfer we tried to do and ended up in Takayama. But we made it this time and it was a great family home evening and was so much fun. The Katsuragawa family is the best!

         Then on Saturday, we went home teaching with Sogabe Kyodai and Koshiba Kyodai. It was way good! And we went out to eat with Sogabe Kyodai and he ordered us the biggest tonkatsu ever! It was way too much! But it was delicious!

         On Sunday, yesterday, we had church and it was Valentines and it was fun! The sisters gave valentines to everyone and it was a little origami heart and it was way fun! And a lot of people gave out chocolate. And we even got a Valentine's Day chocolate box from our investigators that night when we went for a lesson! Awesome! And we had a great lesson and the spirit was so strong and it was a great feeling in the room.

         But that is pretty much my week and it was fun! I hope you all have had a great time this week and that you will have a great time this next week!

                         Peace out homies!!!

Normal district.
Silly district. 

Sogabe Kyodai and tonkatsu.

Monday, February 8, 2016

Everybody knows you don't eat the "E's"!!!!


 So on Monday, we had some normal P-day activities of going to stores.

On Tuesday, we had a koukan with the Zone Leaders from Fukutoku! I got to stay in Gifu and Elder Hall came and it was great! He is a way hard worker. We went way far on bikes and it was way fun! Then for dinner we went out for sushi!!! Yes! it was way good!

Then on Wednesday, we switched back from that and then we went to the Oni Festival with Tami, who is one of the sassiest Grandmas you will ever meet. It was way fun! They threw beans from a balcony in packets and you had to try to catch it, and they are lucky. Then you have to eat as many of the beans as the age you are turning this year. And some of the packets had prize tickets inside them and so everyone was trying really hard to get the packets of beans. The crowd was like going to a concert! Then we had Eikaiwa and it was way fun! For kids eikaiwa, only the Hayashi family was there so it was great. They are the best little kids ever! We talked about the different "Hello" words
like "good morning, good night, etc."  It was way fun! Then we taught them how to write their names in English letters. And then Manaho-chan (she's secretly my favorite) asked us how to write Star Wars in English!!! Way too fun!!!
For Thursday, we had another koukan but this time it was with the Ogaki Elders. It was great! We got to finally meet Elder Montoya, because he just transferred in from Hamamatsu, and he is great! Then
we went to Stamina Tarou which is an all you can eat meat place and it was great! We were not really hungry for dinner!!!

Then on Friday, we had a good old time doing the normal Missionary stuff. Like housing! I actually love it!  And I love it because it is the only time we are allowed to talk to the women of Japan and they are way nicer to us than the men are. And grandmas will open their doors and say they don't want to talk to you but to take this bag of food with you, but get off of my porch.
Then we met with a guy the previous Elders who were in Gifu met and he was a blast! He was crazy good at magic and he brought a couple of his friends with him and they were way cool too! We want to meet with him a lot! Also we had DTM and then went out for Indo curry afterwards (of course).

Saturday we talked to a ton of people and it was good! And it was way weird because I woke up that morning and thought that it was Sunday!!! So that just made the rest of the day a little off balance for me. And we went to try to visit Ayabe, but he wasn't home. Oh well. It was still good. We got to bike far and get some good exercise.
Then on Sunday we had church and it was good. It was fast and testimony meeting and I love it! And there was a member of the Stake presidency there and it was good. Gifu ward is the best! There are so
many cool people to talk to. It is great!

I hope that you all have had a great week and that you will have another one! If you guys do anything cool, send me pictures!!! I want to see it!

I have been asked five times this week if I was Japanese. So yeah. I must look like it or something. And people don't believe me if I say that I am not.   They just ask where in Japan I am from or just straight up say oh you're Japanese.... Yada yana and then they are like ok maybe half or whatever.  So there's a funny thing this week.

Peace out Homies!!!---莉茶長老

Oni Festival throwing bean packets.

This is the first sentence that all Japanese people learn of English in school.