Thursday, September 24, 2015

This week sped by. Today we had to go get a mouth guard because Elder Graydon has been clenching his teeth in his sleep. We traveled to the outside world. We got the sad news of Elder Richard G. Scott while we were waiting for some really scary news. For some medical reasons my companion almost got sent home. Anyway back up, oh he didn't by the way, we were walking to Sports Authority and we needed water and the restroom so we knocked on a door and a man let us in his home and then ended up giving us a ride there and back. He was great and was very kind. He went to Milan, Italy on his mission and he told us stories and such. The Dai-Senpai, the oldest missionar​ies in our zone, left on Monday. It was super sad even though we aren't kohei, children, anymore. We also taped a banana to the wall.

Also fun thing, Erin Jordan, well Jordan Shimai came in yesterday and although we aren't in the same zone we still get to see each other and are in the same building!!!! Also if I remember correctly it was Ashlyn's Birthday yesterday so Big Happy Birthday to her!

For those of you who can't read, it says "banana."

Sweater day.

Our adventure in the outside world.

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

September 17, 2015

This week was amazing, on Sunday we had a temple walk like we do every week, but on the way back a lady said hi to me and my companion in Japanese. We ended up talking to her for a full 45 minutes!!!! (in Japanese by the way) then later we had TRC, which is like a family home evening lesson for members, and we had a guy who was awesome and we had a good lesson; but then we had three people and that lesson was great!!! We could understand them and they could understand us and we feel like we have gotten a really good grip of this language!!!

Salisbury shimai drew an anime of me

Coffee is a sin, Krispy Kreme even says so
Graydon, Anthony, Richardson

Anthony, Graydon, Evans, Richardson

September 10, 2015

I didn't tell you my p-day is Thursdays. We had to wait a week because we came on Wednesday though. The MTC is fantastic, we have been learning much. The classes are great, we have one sensei, Kawamura sensei. She is super tiny and subarashii. She is from a town by Tokyo and served her dendobu in California.
My companion is such a strength to me. He is funny and his testimony is so strong. We had nine senkyoshi in our district but now we have eight. One had to transfer out because his companion didn't show up. he is from Brasil, by Sao Paolo, I think he said the city is called Isu or something. We have Bills and Talbot shimai (sister) and Salisbury and Brown shimai and Anthony and Evans choro (elder) and Graydon and Richardson choro.
The food is baba and we use hashi (chopsticks) for quite a few of the meals. Everybody loves them. I don't want the chocolate milk so I am getting all I want. We have gym almost every day. We can do whatever but on Saturdays our zone plays beach volleyball. We usually use the bike machines or lift weights. The temple is later today. [Dante was excited to get all the chocolate milk he wanted at the MTC, but evidently doesn't like it. He said it is "baba."  He took a ton of chopsticks for his district to use.]
The first little bit of the MTC was packed with stuff. We have class almost all day and we don't get much sleep. We teach our investigator, Hashimoto-san, almost every day. It is hard but we learn a lot. I love being here and feeling such a great spirit. My companion, Graydon Choro, has such a strong testimony and I love him very much. I cant wait to be able to go and serve the Japanese people. 
   Elder D. C. Richardson
Elder David Kuhn, a friend from home

Elders Graydon and Richardson

A messy dorm room

Bottom: Bills, Talbot, Salisbury, Brown
Top: Graydon, Richardson, Anthony, Evans
MTC District