Sunday, January 31, 2016

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This week went by really quickly! On Monday, we went and had district activity at the mall in Kakamigahara. It was way fun, we did a photo scavenger hunt where one team goes and takes a picture and then you trade with another team and they have to go find it and recreate it. The mall is so huge that it was way hard! The picture we got, I knew what store it was in, but it still took us a long time to find it! But it was so fun! We were with a lot of missionaries that day and it was nice to see everyone right before they all got transferred.

Then on Tuesday, we had a regular day of just talking to everyone, not even anything crazy...disappointing.

On Wednesday, we had eikaiwa and that was great. We got to talk about school things and that was really interesting, the hardest part was trying to remember my schedule (because it was hard enough to remember it when I was doing it) but it was good! And funny enough, that was what me and my teacher ended up talking about during Japanese class that day.

On Thursday, we had a member appointment and it was way fun! At the end, Shimizu Kyodai asked us if we had a special talent and then he said, for example, mine is magic!!! Then he had a little magic show prepared for us and it was great!!! It amazed the sisters so much because they hadn't seen one of the tricks before that everyone usually knows, so we were having a good time "explaining" it to them. You know, he opens a portal to the other dimension and then he pulls the handkerchief out of there.

On Friday, it rained a ton!!! So we went and talked to people at the eki because they have the things that all the people are under because then they don't get wet! Like walkways or something. It was good.

On Saturday, we had to do our weekly planning session and that took a little while because we have a lot of people we are focusing on. And so we did that and then made some kyozai (like lesson example things) you know where you have the plan of salvation out and you can move it around. Like little laminated things with pictures on them. But we made a plan of salvation.

Then for Sunday, it was way good. We had a devotional after church about the area plan for the Asia north area, and then after that we had a little celebration because it was Anrichan's birthday!!! So we
had food and stuff and we had all signed a big card and it was great!! She is one of the Shimai's investigators and she is super good! It was great to see how much the ward really loves her!

Then the plan for today is to go get haircuts. And then buy food, and other things. But something will probably happen today that will be fun. It usually does!

Well peace out for now homies!!! Hopefully I have better stories for next week!


This is what you do when you're on the phone and have a whiteboard handy.

Life in Japan.
We made muffins!  Sort of.

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