Monday, January 4, 2016

Shogatsu...or, in missionary eyes, DEEP CLEANING!!!

This week was great, for the most part! Since it was New Years, we  were asked to not do any missionary work on the 31st, 1st, or 2nd. Super  weird! On New Year's Eve we stayed home all day because everyone was asked to not go out and house or do streeting or do surprise visits to members. Everyone was asked to do deep cleaning! Yay...
Luckily, me and Elder Bunch decided to just stick it out and finish the cleaning that day rather than spread it out in the three days we were given. So we were busy on Thursday. But let me back up a little. On Monday we did the norm, you know shopping, cleaned our bikes, called former investigators on the phone, etc.
On Tuesday, we had an activity with the young men and came to the church and made Soba and then went bowling after a short message from the missionaries. (That's me).   Bowling was great, except we found out that Japan oils their lanes weird or something and our balls kept spinning to the side way bad. Then in the second game we got the hang of it.
Then Wednesday was the last day to do dendo (missionary work) for a little while, so we hit up all of the less actives that we have in the ward, and that night we went out to eat with a return missionary and her less active brother. They are the best! He likes all he same type of things I do so we get along really well. It's really great.
Then on Thursday it was cleaning, I already mentioned and then Friday was killer, we had DTM (District Training Meeting) and that's always a blast to get together with missionaries and talk about goals and have a testimony meeting. Then after DTM we tried to find a place to eat that was open. There was only one coffee shop that was open. Luckily it has good sandwiches. Not even McDonald's was open!
Then we went home and realized we had like six hours to do absolutely nothing. We studied for an additional three hours, we did our normal three that morning, and then we looked at each other and decided to see if the mall was open. One of them was not and we went to another one and it was, so we walked around and talked to people who talked to us, since we weren't supposed to be proselytizing. Then we realized we had a whole other day that we had nothing planned. We did six hours of study that day, then we just kind of sat and did whatever. We listened to music and played yugioh  and yep that's about it. Then on Sunday it was back to normal! Thankfully.
But yeah that's the week pretty much. Oh yeah and on the 2nd when we were about to break down out of boredom, an almost investigator guy called and asked if we wanted to go to a temple, since it is a really important thing in their culture to go to a temple at the beginning of the year, so we went to the Inaba Jinja and then went out for Chinese food. It was really fun.

Inaba Jinja
 Bowling with the Young Men
The "I Am Legend" Street 
Tune in next week, same bat time, same bat channel!


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