Monday, January 25, 2016

There is someone's birthday today, but I can't remember whose. . .

Mina San!!!! Konnichiwa!

This week was great!!!! Still a little hard, but great!

        On Monday, we went shopping and stuff, because that's all there is to do really! But it was fun, we went to a store called treasure bomb! Which is like a recycle shop, but way cooler! People only sell their cool stuff there! Like there's a ton of clothes obviously, but there's also stuff like yugioh cards and guitars and Gundams and power rangers and all sorts of stuff! So we looked around and Bunch stopped and looked at all the yugioh cards for a while, of course, and I perused the rest of the store. There were a ton of cool clothes and some way sick guitars! But I didn't buy anything, Bunch got some yugioh cards for really cheap though!

        Then on Tuesday, we had a great Mogi with the Imai family and they helped us create a master lesson for teaching about the Atonement of Christ and the Fall of Adam. It was great, we are loving these mogis, and I love this family! Then we went and housed in the cold and boy it was cold! There were even little tiny flakes of snow that were really hard to see, but they were still there!!! Then that night we went and did some home teaching with Niwa Kyodai! It was super fun! It was really cold, but we met with three less active member families and shared a short message and invited them to the sports meeting that we are having on Saturday! It was great! One family said that they would come to church this week probably! Super cool! Oh, and while we were walking earlier that day, we got to see and pet a real Dalmatian!!!! That was so cool!!!

        Then on Wednesday, we woke up to snow!!!! Lots of snow!! And then the Honbu sent out a text asking us not to ride our bikes so we don't die!!! It was a really good thing that since on Wednesdays we have a Japanese class that we go to and we normally go by bus, good thing we didn't go by bike normally because we wouldn't know how to get there by bus and would have had to leave like around ten thirty!! I am glad we don't have to walk, it is cold and it is far!!! Also that morning, I woke up to a head cold!!! Yay. I couldn't see anything that morning right when I woke up because my eyes were foggy still from sleeping and I didn't feel good and then Bunch was like, "look at the snow" and I was like, "mnnnnh" and then I woke up and sat there a little while. But on the bright side, I got an excuse to wear the face masks that all the Japanese people wear when they are sick!!! Yay. But yeah, Japanese class was way fun! Me and my. Teacher talked about all the things that I have enjoyed and foundered in Gifu and then about where I could possibly be going. She has been. Like everywhere and so she told me which places have good curry, fish,etc. then we were on the bus ride home and we were giving the sisters a hard time about not OYMing this girl that was waiting at the bus stop with us and we were like, you should talk to her and then she turned around and it turns out that she can speak English, and she just got back from a home stay in New Zealand. Way cool! Then we kept talking to her and the sisters got her umber and they are going to go out to eat sometime. Great! And
then we went and did some housing and then had eikaiwa and a girl (ok, she's like 40) that the sisters met on the street came and brought her two guy friends! That was way fun, they were super genki and her English was way good! And Hideki came (who we went to the Aerospace museum with last week). And that day, because Baskin Robbins had a special thing going on, we went and got ice cream! It was good!!!

        Then for Thursday, We had a lesson with Ayabe and it was way fun! We played ERK (Egyptian Rat Killer) and it was fun! Then we got to watch a missionary broadcast! It was way good! Then after that FOUR HOUR adventure, we had a lesson with an investigator ,who lives super far away, through Skype! It was great lesson! We drew on a whiteboard to make it easier to see and I got to get a lot of great kanji practice! And I drew the best earth that I ever did!

        On Friday, we had DTM!!!! And also Yogenkai (where we "prophesy" where everyone is going)! Cause, you know transfers!!! Way fun! But then we all went and had Indo curry of course and it was awesome! (DUH) and it was a good time! And that night we went over to the Ishii's house (No relation to the Mission President that I am aware of) and had a great lesson and dinner! They made tempura and it was great! At one point, Bunch Choro thought that the squid rings were onion rings and so he ate one and was like, ah what is this (He kept his cool and just asked politely) but in English he was like ah, I just ate something and I don't know what it is!!! But yeah! And he
hates all seafood! Hahaha! But it was really fun!

        Then on Saturday, we had a sports kai which translates to sports meeting, but it was like when the stake has a sports day! We went to a gym by the bishop's house and it was way fun! The bishop is so bomb at badminton! Then after the sports kai, there was a YSA activity at the bishop's house and it was good! We played games and taught people how to shuffle cards and other stuff like that! It was fun! Ayabe eve came to those and he is like a secret Volleyball King! And he was good at everything else there too! The only thing is that when he runs, he is so goofy! But I love that guy! Oh yeah, and there was like transfer calls that went on that day...

        On Sunday, we did the norm, went to church, talked to all of the people and stuff like that! We had a good lesson on the Atonement of Christ and it was good. A guy that we called in the Former
investigator list came to the sports kai and he was way cool! Then after, he called and said that he wanted to come to church! So we sat with him and he had a lot of really good questions. We ended up giving him a Book of Mormon and we taught him about the Plan of Salvation and he said that he had a good time! Then after church, we had a lesson with the Imai family and it was way good! And that night we went to. The Tsutsumi family and had family home evening and it was way fun! We
played the game where you have the paper on your head and have to ask yes or no questions about what you are and they were all gospel words and Tsutsumi Kyodai was SATAN and he got really close, but he eventually asked, am I God? And we were all like no! Haha and then the next turn he was like oh, I'm Jesus Christ right! And we were all so hysterical that we could hardly answer! It was so funny!!!

        Then today, we are going to have district activity and it will be way fun because we have a lot of people in our district that are transferring. And think that it might be someone's birthday or something...or at least that's what I heard. And I graduate beanhood tomorrow! Yay!


1. The P in Pday stands for Preparation
2. It has been really cold here and just only this week has been snow
3. People call me Jasmine Tea because that is the meaning of somekanji that the pronunciation is RICHA ( 莉茶) and so that is how they shortened my name to make it easier to remember/say.


Doing the sorority squat and the Sisters were "dame."
Picture of the city from the tallest tower--we were inside on the top floor of Tower 43.
Well and the news that some people have been waiting for!!! I have not been transferred and neither did Elder Bunch!!!!!! And he was made our district leader!!!!

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