Sunday, January 10, 2016

Little Chickens

This week was way fast!

On last Monday, we had a gyoza making party with some of the  members in the church! It was way fun! We ate a ton and then we just sat and talked, it was great.

Then on Tuesday, we went over with the Shimai to the Imai's house and had a lesson and Imai Kyodai cooked us little chickens! It was awesome.

Then on Wednesday, we had eikaiwa and that was as fun as ever. But that day we had Japanese class that these ladies teach in a night school during the day and it was way fun. On the way to the eki, we
were riding our bikes and then Satan decided to push me off and I ripped through my pants and skinned my knee pretty bad...again. But it is getting better.

On Thursday, we had a great koukan (exchange) with the Ogaki Elders. I went over there with Klein Choro, and we had a blast. We went and met with some less active members and then we went to go find a recent convert. We only knew the area that she lives in and her name.  Luckily for us, every house has the family name on it in that neighborhood.  We went and fund one with the name and so we knocked and a guy opened the door and was like, "oh, senkyoshi!" Then he told us that his sister (and he gave her name so we knew that it was the right house) is in China and will not be back until probably February. That was lots of fun. And a relief. Then we went housing for the rest of the night and absolutely no one answered their doors. Weird.

Then we had ZTM in Fukutoku on Friday morning so we just switched back there. ZTM was a lot of fun, it was weird without our old zone leader Elder Moulton, who went home at the end of last transfer. But now we have Elder Callahan and he's pretty cool. After the training, we went out for Indo curry as always, well not always but you know, and it was as amazing as ever!

Then on Saturday, we had a great old day. In the morning we did some mall dendo, where we just go talk to people on the mall. And I got to play a 2000000¥ guitar in a music store we walked into. That's like twenty thousand dollars! Crazy, and some people were watching me and so we went and talked to them. We walked around some more and strategically place Eikaiwa flyers in places where they will fall out when people look at stuff and move it. Also we found out you can movie popcorn without getting tickets for a movie. So we bought some and walked around and there was this dance off festival going and so we watched for a little bit and that was really good. Then that night we
had a combined YM/YW activity and we played games and had food. We played volleyball and then taught the kids the game "ninja." They love it and we made it a rule that you have to make ninja noises. It is hilarious. Especially since most of the Japanese public lacks basic motor skills, hand-eye coordination, reaction times, etc. I really must belong here. Haha. But yeah, we taught all of the youth how to be ninja.

On Sunday, I gave a talk about missionary work and it was pretty good. People laughed when I was telling a funny story, so  I think it was a success. Then we had a great lesson about service in gospel
principles and then for priesthood meeting we talked about repentance.  It was really great. And this Sunday was when all of the girls who are twenty right now dress up really fancy in kimonos and do up their hair really fancy and it was a lot of fun. They all wanted to take pictures with us for some reason. But it was really fun.

Well keep on steppin' my friends and remember, every small act of faith punches Satan in the face!


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