Sunday, December 27, 2015

The adventures of Jasmine tea! (That's what everyone calls me here richa) 莉茶


This week was fantastic, we received many blessings.
Although there weren't many people anywhere, we talked to all of the people that we saw.
On last Monday, we went to some recycle shops because my companion is a huge nerd and is trying to find Yugi-oh cards and so we went there. Since it is certainly okay, there is not much to do anymore on p-days. 
Then on Tuesday, we went home teaching with Sogabe Kyodai and then out to lunch. Then we were on the way to another house to visit and he said that Costco was right there, and then he said he had a card but had never gone and he asked if we wanted to go. So we did. And he was so amazed at everything there. Everything is huge, well American size. And at one point he looked down one of the garbage cans and then voiced his opinion in the word: whoa! And he was so impressed. 
Then we passed the butterball turkeys they had for sale and he looked at that and was like, that's the most butter I've ever seen! We had to explain that it was turkey and he was even more amazed! The normal size of bird you can buy that I've seen is like a chicken at Smith's or Walmart. He was really impressed. And then we saw the milk and it comes in gallons! Wow! He couldn't believe that people cold drink that much! Then we were done with looking and we were going to go to the food court. I mean it's Costco, come on, and we said we were going to buy a whole pizza so we could take some home.  We pull out our money and he was like, put that back, and he pulled his out and said, why don't you get one each. So crazy, and he wouldn't let us pay and we were only going to get one and then he was like what kind is the best, and we were like combo, and so he just went on up and ordered two combo pizzas and payed and so we had no choice at that point. So yep that's Tuesday.
And on Wednesday, it was the emperor's birthday, and so there were these trucks with guys saying stuff about him. The government buildings were all closed and it was just us and the truck guys so we didn't get to do much.  
On Thursday, Ayabe had his Baptism  interview! And he passed! 
And then on Friday we did stuff because it was Christmas, and we went to the Furukawa's house and had a family home evening and that's about it. 
Then on Saturday we had a baptism service to go to and prepare for etc. and then Ayabe got to be baptized! So cool! He was so happy! And then on Sunday, he was confirmed and that was one thing he was most excited for. He told us he was really excited to receive guidance from God and to always be able to have the spirit. That's so cool, I think that is something that we sometimes take for granted; we have a member of the Godhead with us and receive guidance and can be told what to do from someone who knows exactly what we should do. He was so excited for that!

Then we got to go and teach the Yamamotos that night and it was a great lesson!  That's it for this week, tune in next time for more adventures of 莉茶 長老

Elder Bunch, Ayabe, and Elder Dante Richardson!

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