Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Merekamakimaka and lots of curry!


This week was pretty uneventful...except transfer calls! But first let me talk about the rest of the week. On last Monday, we went and did the futsu p day stuff, then had a mogi with Nagato Kyodai that night.

Then Tuesday, we got a text that transfer calls would be on Friday night instead of Saturday morning, and we went on visits with Sogabe Kyodai and he took us out to lunch at Staminataro, which is a tabehoudai or all you can eat. It was the best thing ever, you cook your own meat at the table on a grill thing and you can really grill anything there, so we had a lot of fun with that. Then we went home teaching with Niwa Kyodai that night.

On Wednesday, we had trainers training and got to see all of the people in our doki (same transfer as us) and that was great. Then right after that, I went on yet another  companion exchange. This time, I went to Ichinomia with Elder Hovorka, who is in my doki, and therefore, also a bean. It was really fun, we went and taught eikaiwa that night and the next day we went and did some OYM (Open Your Mouth) and as to follow the righteous traditions of our fathers, we had Indo Curry for lunch. Then we went and OYMed back to get ready for a member appointment, and we were talking to people and then a kid that we talked to said that we could meet up and talk more about the gospel and such. And he let us write down his phone number, so score for the beans! Then we got lost on the way to the member's house and then found it and read in the scripture with him and nodded whenever he said something and understood nothing really that he said about the scriptures, but Conger Choro (Elder Hovorka's companion) told us that a lot of the members can't understand him either because he talks so fast. Like really fast. Then to finish the night, our whole district met up at the eki (train station) and we did some caroling, then we switched back there and I went home with Laumatia Choro.

On Friday, we had DTM and it was really good, we then had yogenkai, which is where you guess where the whole district is going due to transfers, Elders Moulton and Hall were there too, they are our zone leaders. This was Moulton Choro's last transfer, so we had to guess how long it will take him to get married, I gave him a week. Then we went to CoCo's curry for lunch; this isn't Indo Curry, it's curry rice. Then we did our weekly planning session and then anxiously waited during transfer calls at home. When I say anxiously, pretty much that means we were listening to music, doing origami, eating popcorn and M&Ms, etc. Then the call came...

On Saturday, we packed mostly. And cleaned. Then we went out and dendoed around the eki.

Then on Sunday, yesterday, we went to church, had an appointment with an investigator who didn't show up, and then went and practiced for the ward Christmas party show thing. The missionaries and the ward missionaries are singing. One of the members, Tammy, who was born in Hawaii a long, long time ago ( her words not mine) is singing with us and always wants to start singing "Merekamakimaka" or at least that's what she calls it. Then we had lunch with a member and we did some dendo to try and find some people.

So yeah I guess it wasn't uneventful, just nothing majorly huge happened...

Also just a reminder to those of you who may wish to send packages to Japanese Missionaries. You can't send packages by FedEx, DHL, or other companies like that, you can only send it through either the post office, or through BlackCat, only these can be forwarded to the missionary and the others will sit at the Mission Office and they said that they don't want to have packages there, plus all the missionaries want the packages sinner rather than next zone conference, which is in like a month or two. So yeah, there is the message from "Honbu Santa".

Well enjoy the Christmas lights, if you have any, and go see Star Wars on Friday!


P.S. Elder Laumatia is being transferred to Fukui to finish training Elder Bradshaw. I am staying here in Gifu and Elder Bunch is coming here.  We were really surprised to get a call, since we thought we would both be staying, but we think this will be a good change.

The proper way to pick a persimmon.

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  1. Every week when I read the new post I smile and think how much I love that kid. Thanks for sharing the letters and photos!