Thursday, October 1, 2015

We all watched Elder Scott's funeral. It was really nice and we all had a district review, and the spirit was so strong. The joy that everyone showed even though it was a funeral was amazing. The Plan of Salvation is real. I loved hearing stories about him and everything. 

We got 4 nihonjin (Japanese) in our branch and they are so funny. The two chorotachi (Elders) sat with us at lunch and we had a blast. It was mainly making fun of the food, but considering that's all we can say it was great. One of our investigators (she's not real keep in mind) accepted baptism. We teach our teachers as our progressing investigators for practice and it is such a great experience. 

This week I saw Kenny Haggler and Austin Warner from home. wa Kamisama ga watashitachi o ai suru to shitte imasu. Iesu Kirisuto ga sukuinushi da to shitte imasu. Igen no tamamono ga aru to shitte imasu. Kamisama ga watashitachi o genki da hoshii da to shitte imasu. Watashitachi ga Morumon sho o yonde inoreba, Kamisama ga watashitachi o shukufuku suru to shitte imasu. Watashitachi ga inoreba, Kamiama ga kiite kotaeru to shitte imasu. Watashitachi ga imashime mamoreba, Kamisama ga watashitachi ni mitama o okudasaru to shitte imasu. Iesu Kirisuto no mina ni yotte o-akashi shimasu. aamen. 

When we need to talk to other elders.

More artwork from Salisbury Shimai.

Elder Graydon's tie that Dante loves.

Another Elder Richardson!

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