Thursday, September 24, 2015

This week sped by. Today we had to go get a mouth guard because Elder Graydon has been clenching his teeth in his sleep. We traveled to the outside world. We got the sad news of Elder Richard G. Scott while we were waiting for some really scary news. For some medical reasons my companion almost got sent home. Anyway back up, oh he didn't by the way, we were walking to Sports Authority and we needed water and the restroom so we knocked on a door and a man let us in his home and then ended up giving us a ride there and back. He was great and was very kind. He went to Milan, Italy on his mission and he told us stories and such. The Dai-Senpai, the oldest missionar​ies in our zone, left on Monday. It was super sad even though we aren't kohei, children, anymore. We also taped a banana to the wall.

Also fun thing, Erin Jordan, well Jordan Shimai came in yesterday and although we aren't in the same zone we still get to see each other and are in the same building!!!! Also if I remember correctly it was Ashlyn's Birthday yesterday so Big Happy Birthday to her!

For those of you who can't read, it says "banana."

Sweater day.

Our adventure in the outside world.

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