Thursday, October 8, 2015

I love Seiten!!!!

 This week was interesting and super spiritual and stuff. Although many of us have been sick, spirits have never been higher. We have been coming together as a group of missionaries and all of us have been very humbled, loved, and loving. We got the opportunity to give a few blessings for the sick and also for comfort. It is really cool to be able to do that and receive that from others. 

The Seiten, or Scriptures, are amazing. There is really no other way to put it. I learn so much and there are so many things that we can learn. I love reading in Omni and often wonder if that is how my journal sounds....But I know that there are things that we can learn from even the book of Omni, or it wouldn't be in the scriptures. I won't tell all the cool things I've learned so that you can experience it; but here's one: If we are not worthy at the right time in our lives, Heavenly Father's work will still go on and we just won't get to be a part of it. We need to always be doing those things that keep us in good standing with the Lord so we can do the things that he wants us to do. 

The past couple days were really enlightening and really boring. Graydon Choro and I had to stay in the past few days because we have been really sick. We are recovering now and are excited to be able to go back to class. Staying in your room is really boring. However, since he mostly slept when I was awake and I slept while he was awake, so was the random cycle of the "Sickies', we got the opportunity to study in peace and quiet with no interruptions. It was great. 

Also congratulations to Albert Villareal for his wonderful decision to be baptized!!! I am really surprised and could not be more excited!!!! This is a very cool experience that you have and will be able to continue to have.  I really miss all my trombone buddies and news like this is super welcome in my ears!!!!

To Ben Connely: I am excited that you will be able to serve in the second best mission in the world. you will get some great experiences and, although they will not be as good as they would have been if you were going to Nagoya, Tokyo South will be better off with you and it will give you the best two years of your life. 

Also I saw Alex Loza from Jr. High here. He is going to Philadelphia. That was super cool.

We cleaned our room!  Elders Anthony and Graydon.

Me and Elder Graydon--Superheros! 

Me and part of a fractal.

Even the cafeteria say don't eat the food.

I found time to do this during Conference!

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