Thursday, October 15, 2015

Sickness and Sleep!

This week was full of sickness and sleep, both medicinally induced sleep and naturally. Elder Graydon (my companion) has had a toothache for a little while and one of the members of the branch presidency is a dentist so we went and saw him. (It was super weird to see him not wearing a suit!!!!) He recommended us to an oral surgeon to get his wisdom teeth out. We went yesterday and it was hilarious, also I got to watch the whole surgery!!! 

We lost 2 districts to Japan this week and we are missing them quite a bit. We had two Japanese Elders and although we only knew them for two weeks, it feels like we were friends forever. I miss those guys terribly. On a brighter note, Elder Graydon's sickness was an effect of his wisdom tooth being infected so he is no longer sick. YAY! He is just tired and sore from yesterday. 

Mimaki Choro, from Fukuoka and he is in Sendai now

Elder Graydon with ice packs

Banner from whole Clawson clan!

He's like a big baby!

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