Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Transfers Vol.16^_-☆

Well this transfer comes to an end and...once again I am transferring. Even though I go home in literally three weeks. Haha. So I get to go back to my bean chan ward, Gifu. I have mixed feelings about it all:
  1. I don't want to transfer, I am going home in three weeks
  2. I am not going back to the same Gifu I know. I am going to Ogaki apparently (which is one of the wards that was eaten by another ward) so that is kind of a bummer, and I have to do what I don't want...learn a new area. 
  3. I get to go to Gifu! I do really love it there, so I am excited. 
  4. I get to be with Elder Delis. We met one time in the MTC and we are going home the same day. Also he is super cool,  in that I have been around him too much on my mission, but he is pretty cool guy. 
  5. Holy cow. I am on my last transfer. Pretty crazy. 
Anyway, I am pretty excited, but at the same time...packing is taihen. So I am not excited and this was the time that took me longest to pack. 

Also, this week was good. I don't really remember much if it, but it was a good week. We went and watched Fireworks on Saturday. So happy Pioneer Day. If you don't know what that is, ask the nearest person from Utah. So that was what we did this week. 

Thanks for tuning in. Sorry it was lame this week. 

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