Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Have fun with your potato...and stuff.

Well this week was super great. We have been running our bikes so hard everyday, and it is just great. Elder Delis and I are got home the same day and although we talk about it a lot, it just makes us want to work harder because we realize how little time we have left. It is crazy, we got our flight plans and such...well he got his and the Honbu seems to have forgotten about me entirely. lol.

One great thing we did this week was we went housing and found a lady from Massachusetts or Michigan. Big difference, I know, but I forget. I though Massachusetts and Delis said he though it was Michigan. So you know. We don't know. Also we decided her name was Marcie. (We didn't find out her name dakara). So we knocked on her dorr and she said that she was to busy to be converted right now. Hahaha. Then we knocked all of that danchi and no one answers but the last guy answers
and we talked for him a solid thirty minutes. It was dope.

Another thing that happened was that the Honbu told me I was going to Ogaki, but I wasn't. They completely closed that apartment so I sent my luggage there. That was fun.  We got to walk it to the apartment. Yay.

This Saturday went to the fireworks and that way way fun. We passed out a ton of fliers and stuff.

Also, from Thursday to Saturday we went to Ichinomiya and helped them with the festival. But all we did was sit and hope that gaijin come and ask questions. So we just sat there for five hours. Three times. Yep. I will send a time lapse if most of the second day, but then my iPad died, so yeah it might be a little short.

Well that's about all my life this week. Have fun.

Elder Richardson

P.S. Congrats to all my friends that were married this and last month and like forever ago as well. Good job. (`_´)ゞI salute you.
 1. Time lapse of train here from some point.

 2. Time lapse of matsuri

 3. Picture of matsuri

Pictures and videos from English class.




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