Monday, August 7, 2017


Like as in first area shall be last area. Lol. Scripture Jokes. 
Well, for those of you who have been tuning in for the past two years, congratulations. I just sucked probably about a day out of your life and you can't get that back. For those of you who just look at the pictures, it was probably only a day or so. So even more congrats to you. 
Anyway, this is the last one. Yeah, I won't send one next week probably. So you'll just have to ask me when you see me next week. Haha. So this is our last full pday and so we are super busy today. Way fun. 
Well anyways. Last Monday we went to the mall and got Baskin Robbins, because it was the 31. Then we went shopping and found some good stuff. Elder Delis and I decided to dendo over there afterward and started to, but then I got a flat tire. We decided to walk to a less active member's house then find a bike shop after that. Well we found one, but it kind of killed our plans for that night. 
Then we did a lot of other crazy stuff this week and it was awesome. We met a lot of people and it was a good time. I also learned a ton this week. So. I hope I don't think I can even type it in an email. But one cool thing we were talking about was Adam and Eve. And then this morning I found a scripture that talked exactly about what we were talking about and it reached the same conclusion that we did. So that was cool. We thought of why this religion believes that Adam and Eve did fall, but it was part of the plan, and why other religions believe so differently about them. Then when reading in Jacob in the Book of Mormon, I read verse 3 of Chapter 4. 
Now in this thing we do rejoice; and we labor diligently to engraven these words upon plates, hoping that our beloved brethren and our children will receive them with thankful hearts, and look upon them that they may learn with joy and not with sorrow, neither with contempt, concerning their first parents.
In this he is talking of writing on plates which became the Book of Mormon. When they wrote this, they had most of the Old Testament, where most of the knowledge of Adam and Eve comes from (i.e. Genesis). So they wrote in their record of spiritual things about Adam and Eve so that we can think of them with joy. We thought that was pretty dope. 
Well I hope that you have a great week. And I know I said at I won't email next week, but I might send pictures or something. 
Speaking of pictures.
Going to fireworks
Miyaki was listening to an English learning cd that we found. 

So I forgot something that is super important that we did this week.

I checked something off my bucket list that I didn't even know was there. We played four square inside a library this week. So that was dope. I challenge you all to do that in your local library. (Actually you probably shouldn't so you don't go to jail, but haha I did it).

That is all.


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