Monday, July 3, 2017

Of Death, Firemen, and Spanish Adventures

Well, this was not the best week of my mission. I don't think it was the worst either though. Last week on Monday morning I woke up and felt awful. I will spare you the details. So pretty much all we did was get ready, go to the church and do emails, then came home and I died on my futon.

Tuesday, I died on my futon and we called some people. That's about it.

On Wednesday, I woke up and felt a little better, so we were able to leave the apartment. So we tried to visit some people and we had another lesson with Brother Takikawa. It was way good! Except for the part when out of nowhere the member started talking about the different ways snakes are symbolized in the bible and in modern society. So that was fun. I wish we could get through the story of Adam and Eve and why it's important with a member present. But, seeing as I don't have much time left, probs won't happen. Lol. We also taught eikaiwa that night and it was way good.

On Thursday we taught firemen (and woman) English and it was hilarious. Also the curriculum isn't the best because we have to make it up and since it has been going on for a little while, we are
running out of ideas. But it is way hilarious and they just want to come and speak English. That night we went to our other eikaiwa class and Elder Collett and I taught the advanced class "real English" aka normal slang like guys, dude, bro, and dope. Then that night we had a koukan and I got to go with Elder Morgan to Seto.

Friday, we were going to visit their investigator Augusto because we had our "Spanish team" to go talk to him. Well, he wasn't home. But we got to use our Spanish super power on a guy on the street named Jeronimo. He is from the Dominican Republic and asked if I was too. Haha. Also, all the Spanish speakers get really excited when we introduced ourselves and we decided that I should just tell them my first name. Haha. They always try and guess where I am from. Also we went to Bronco Billy Restaurant and our waitress was Brazilian and Elder Morgan and I were speaking Spanish and such so she asked what part of Brazil we are from. Lol. Also we had DTM in the middle of the koukan, so that was a little weird.

Then on Saturday we did Weekly Planning because we didn't have time on Thursday, so that took the chunk of the day and we had an awesome lesson with Makoto that night and he was way good and we felt the Spirit guiding that lesson. It was good. We also taught him English slang he can use when he goes to America this month.

Then on Sunday we had church and we ended up hanging out with the Filipino Sisters and it was way fun. And Sister Grace invited us over for dinner that night and since she lives really far, that was all we were able to do. But it was super fun and she is so funny! We had to wait like half an hour for our tachiai to show up, but that wasn't that bad. And she was super happy we came. Then on the train on the way home we met this cool guy who took a picture with us. It was great.

Anyway this week we had quite the time in the apartment for most of it and because of that, we think we can probably get out this week. Pretty excited for that. Everybody have a good Fourth of July (the
most important holiday) and eat lots of food (it's what the founding fathers would have wanted). Also have a great Tanabata on Friday! (If you are still looking, we hear that Yukatas are pretty cheap at

 Have a great week!

Elder Richardson
Dude we met on the train


Housing Mogi
 Firemen CPR Mogi

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