Monday, June 26, 2017


Well this week we went around a we tried to find our investigator that went MIA and we actually found him. The bad part was when we got "mom-blocked." Then we went around and visited some members and such and that was pretty fun.

We got to continue teaching Brother Takikawa's after baptism lessons and so we made him teach us the plan of salvation. That  was way fun. And he really understands it all well. Our member got confused part way through between spirit prison and outer darkness, but it ended up OK.

We also visited the Nakashima family and they haven't been coming to church for a little bit, but then the next day he came to church! It was super awesome.

Also we visited Brother Kaneko and found of more about why he doesn't come to church. He said something along the lines of, all the members in Japan are selfish because they can't follow the footsteps of the pioneers like pioneer trek. Made me laugh a little bit. I still don't see how that makes people selfish, but apparently it does. Also he said that he feels it is to late for him to start praying again.

Those were the main things that we did this week. Sorry this one was so short, but to be honest you are all probably rejoicing. Yay.

Have a good week

Elder Richardson

1-3 A random street we stopped at. Sorry these are all I have for this week