Tuesday, June 6, 2017


So this week was really short and the main thing that happened was we found someone interested in learning about the gospel on Tuesday through housing and she ended up coming to church in Sunday. So that was a pretty cool. Other than that, it was a pretty normal week. We went on a koukan and Elder Yamazaki and I went and dendoed with Brother Itakura and ended up trying a restaurant that we had heard of and seen before, but none of us had ever tried it. It was called Baby Face Planets...and it was pretty good. Just a weird restaurant overall. But the food was good.

Today we are going to have district activity and since I guess we were all hungry when we made the plans or something, we are going to a restaurant that is all you can eat. Then we will come to the church and just play ping pong and such.

Sorry this was short, but that's life sometimes.

Elder Richardson

Brother Itou hooked us up with some sirloin steaks. We didn't have a
grill, but they were still fantastic.

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