Monday, June 19, 2017

Kasugai...Home of the Cactus

Well this week was interesting. We did quite a lot of stuff. I think the thing I learned this week was that God answers our prayers as long as we do our part. If we only do half, the Lord can't do anything for us. That is why all blessings are based on obedience. God is a God of Justice, so He has to follow that. He always is ready and willing to bless us, but sometimes we force Him to withhold some of the things that He would love to give to us. That is why He weeps with us when we feel sorrow and He rejoices with us when we do right.

Anyway, on Monday, I was still in Gokiso and so we decided to go and visit the Pokémon center before I left, and to go to the Atsuta Jingu (which is pretty famous in Japan). Also we went to get some awesome maze soba. So that was really good. Then we visited Sisiter Saito and it was way fun (we went with the other Elders, so that was super great). And Sister Saito is super awesome and her testimony is always so strong.

On Tuesday was the actual transfer, and so in the morning I woke up and got ready, then we went to the train station and I left. Since my train ride was only going to be twenty three minutes if I rushed and such, I got the opportunity to just mosey through and take my time. I ended up arriving before Elder Adams (the Elder I replaced) left Kasugai. So that was fun to see him again (we were in the same district when I was in Nanao). Then we were waiting with Elder Henrickson for his companion to come and so we went to get Indo other words, a continuation of the week of food. Lol. Then we went housing and such and it was good.

Then on Wednesday, we had eikaiwa and that was way fun. We teach a small eikaiwa in Kasugai even though the ward is closed and they are going to be getting rid if the building soonish. But for now we teach in Kasugai and it is pretty fun. We also got to Skype the Seto missionaries and the Ward Mission Leader that night and it was pretty fun and really good to be able to coordinate what we are doing.

Then on Thursday, we spent the day in this other place called Kozouji and visited a bunch of members up there and all the missionaries teach an eikaiwa up there as well. So that was good. We got to meet with a man named Kaneko and he is super funny. He has very few teeth, and he likes English, so when he talks, it can be hard to understand sometimes, but it is way fun to talk with him. He was really excited to find out that I can play the piano.

On Friday, we went to this Japanese class that is free for foreigners and that was way fun. We ended up going to get sushi with one of the guys from the class and it turns out he has taken a little bit of the
lessons from the Elders and has been to the church before. He said that he wants to learn about the gospel again too, so that was really good.

For Saturday, we went to visit Sister Okamura for her birthday and it was way fun. Also it was super unexpected because a family from Gokiso was there celebrating as well.  It turns out that SisterYuasa from Gokiso is the daughter of Sister Okamura. So pretty much, I have now met their whole family! Lol. (Brother Yuasa's parents were serving in Numazu as couple missionaries when I was in Fuji). So that was super fun.

Then on Sunday, I got to give a talk in church, and so did the other missionaries that transferred in. It was way good and all of our talks kind of fit with each other pretty well. Which is pretty good since we weren't given a topic. Then after church they had a chorus practice and they came up to us and told us that we were going to be singing in it. It was pretty great and we even had a member invite one of their friends to come sing, and he will sing in church with us and everything. Then we had a shokujikai. Which is, as always, amazing.

All in all, this was a good week, and every day I am grateful to be part of the Lord's work. I don't have much time left, but I am going to make this last bit count. 最後まで耐え忍びましょう!

Elder Richardson

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