Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Yolo week.

So this week stuff happened. We are going to not tell you that, but  instead I will pass my ipad around and there'll the other missionaries to each do a day of the week and guess what I did. Lol.

First off is Monday well.. last Monday I went over to Seto to get a  haircut form the homie Elder Collett. He cut my Rhiannon real= buceabd  shpar. After that I hung with Elder Morgan. He's way dope and comes home a month after me. He's single. And is looking for girls who do NOT want a seriou relationship. If you're interested please contact him at Bryce.morgan!  He comes home in September.  Anyway. I am also coming home soon as well.. we are looking for
candidates for double dating: after that my companion kinda got mad at us for talking with the sisters and playing ping pong within them. Even though none of us have any interest in any of them. Ya. That was fun. I realized on this day of my mission that I need to work on myself to make myself a better husband and father :) wink wink. I've recieved a lot of counsel from my mission president and I've got his guarantee and blesssing that I will be a good father cough cough wink wink.

Tuesday was a wonderful day.  We did a lot of things; I dont nesicarrialy want to explain all of them because I can't really remember a lot of it. It may be the that I have a severe case of amnesia or just that I fell a little too hard off my futon and into the soft tatami floor when I prayed this morning. Either way it must have been eventful in some way but I guess we will never know. Maybe I saw a baby kitten, maybe I got attacked by crazy spiders because Japan and summer. Or maybe it was just a really normal day. Maybe one day God will reveal the truth to us. Unseal the sealed plates or just open our understanding. Maybe all we need is to have faith.  I wish you luck on that journey.

Wednesday. I survived, and am not dead yet (for 29 more days at least). Guess that should make it a goood day.

Thursday:   Has anyone seen the Bee movie? It's kind of like that.

So on Friday I went on a koukan with Elder Collett and that was pretty  good. We went to Yakiniku king and it was way good and we took a couple of videos so that will be attached. By the way if you haven't noticed it is my turn to actually write about my week. So yea. Anyway this day we also found some cool stuff in Daiso and you know what that means. Actually, you know. Mom, I'm sorry that this week you aren't getting any real information. But that's life, so just endure to the end. We also  went and ate sushi and I won a prize just like I do everytime. This time I won the keychain of a crab sushi. They come out every summer. So if you are in the area, make sure that you get the onion rings, they are the secret, you have to put that plate in last. Or at least that is the theory right now. Well we did some good stuff and yeah.

Saturday. So today we got back from a kokan. For those of you who dont know a kokan is a magical portal all of the time in a day disappears into. So basically most of the time got sucked into that. But eventually we tried to visit some members which got really confusing. But that is normal because speaking Japanese. Just kidding I mastered that language before I was even born so it can't be that. But then we went an tried to do some housing before we had to go home. But the magical portal seems to have taken my memory of said housing away too so just try and imagine what that would be like for me. Probably a lot of our house is good and we are fine.

And I'm sorry
My hands cannot talk right now.
Any of those are probably accurate times 10


Sunday There are a few things you have to know about church in Japan to fully understand a typical Sunday. First, everyone sings the hymns at the top of their lungs and just slightly off. But they're all off in
different ways. It's really a life changing experience.  Second you must understand that nihonjin have three ways to say hello in the mornings. They either say a general hello, a good morning or say wow its hot. Thirdly you need to understand that it was shokujikai which means free food. We had fun. And oh boy yum. Food is good. After church we walked down the street and saw three men that seemed kind of interested in the gospel. We asked them if they if they knew who Joseph Smith was and they said yes we ate lunch with him once. We super explained some things and turns out they weren't interested. We thought about what kind of people we want to find and thought back to
what Ishii Kaicho wants us to find. And we thought yes, young people. So we prayed and what happened after that? We found this even older grandma. It was good. Afterwards we went home and just smiled about our day and the goodness that comes from being a servant of the Lord. It is super fun to be such a good missionary. It's like just such a pleasure to be the kind of missionary that everyone wishes they could be. I love being so good.

Vids from Yakiniku

The following pictures and videos from Elder Hansen's mom that
should have been included a week ago.  Sorry!


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