Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Out of the Frying Pan...and into Gokiso?

  So this week was super crazy. We did a lot of stuff. There was quite  a bit of weird stuff that happened too.

         Anyway, on Monday, we had our normal time of ping pong with Ichiro and that was fun. That night, we didn't get to do much, we had to send the records that we got from the previous Sister's area book and send those over to the current Sister Missionaries. That took about an hour and a half. And we didn't even finish it that day.

         Then on Tuesday, we had eikaiwa and that was really fun. We got to focus on reading for this lesson and so we got a lot of movie quotes that are hard to read (i.e. V for Vendetta) and helped them with the pronunciation and things like that. They seemed like they enjoyed it.

         On Wednesday, we had interviews with President Ishii. And also ZTM at the same time. It was great and I learned a lot. It was also fun to see some of the missionaries that I have known before and getting to talk to them. Also I passed the Ninja Challenge. (Where you have to memorize/be able to say phrases from this book that they give you in the MTC that everyone call the Ninja). Well we got home from that meeting and were just sitting down to plan what we should do and we got a call from the APs. And they told us exactly what we needed to do. They told us that I would be transferring the next day and so I need to pack my bags and get ready to go. So that happened.

         Then on Thursday, we spent the day getting ready to go, tried to still make as many of the appointments that we made last Sunday as we could, and then I left. I came to Gokiso, which is a very busy place in the center of Nagoya, and Elder Jones and I started off our companionship for the rest of this transfer.

         On Friday we started off a new partial transfer with some planning. It was really fun...especially since my iPad wouldn't sync and I didn't have any of the records for this area.

         On Saturday we started the day nice and early and had breakfast and a short message with Brother and Sister Kelly. It was really fun. And they got us McDonald's, so that was obviously really good. And they are such an awesome couple. They really want to help the missionaries and have a lot of good ideas. I had a good time, and had a good time speaking English. Then we went to try and visit some people that day and found this fried banana place that is really good (they aren't bananas though, just shaped like bananas; apparently it's a thing in Hokkaido #JapanSapporoMission). Then that night we had ping pong night. Some things just don't change. It was way fun and it was good to meet all of the members.

         Then on Sunday, of course, we had church. There are a lot of people in this ward. And it makes sense because recently the Gokiso Ward ate the Nonami Branch which was right next to it. We made a lot of appointments with people after church, then we went to see some of the Sakura that have started to bloom and stuff like that. Then we went and visited a member that night and talked with him, visited another member and invited him to come back to church and used an awesome lesson about circles that I learned in the MTC #ElderGraydonLivesOn and it was really good. When we were riding on the street, we met some cool people and one guy's name was Richard and he made the joke that I am his son, so that was funny. And we took a picture and were able to exchange numbers with him. He was pretty cool and he is from Nigeria. So that was fun.

         That's just about all that happened this week and hopefully nothing too crazy happens this week. I will keep you posted...next Monday of course.

Elder Richardson

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5) Richard

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