Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Predetermined Sentiment

        Well this week was pretty great. Living with another set of  missionaries is pretty interesting. We have a lot of fun. Sometimes it  is a good thing that we live on the ground floor and there is no one underneath us. (^^)

         Anyway on Monday, we had to pack. Because I transferred so far  away!!! Really we just had to make sure that the apartment was ready  to have the sisters move in. So we packed up and cleaned.

         Then on Tuesday, it was just a lot of making sure that everything was  ready. We cleaned more, were companions with Elder Kariya for a little  bit, then went and got Elder Greer, and got everything out of the  Sister's apartment. We also had one of our many eikaiwa classes that  night. It was pretty fun.

         On Wednesday, we had our normal run of eikaiwa classes and the  sisters finally came. And we have a beanchan!! I love having new  missionaries! It would have been more fun if we had a  beanchan in our  apartment, but this is good too. It was fun making her teach some of  eikaiwa that night. The look on her face when we asked her to do so  was priceless.

         Then on Thursday, we met with the Sisters and the other Elders and  had a planning meeting. Yay. And that night we got to go to  volleyball!  It was way fun.

         On Friday, we had our weekly planning and went shopping with the  other Elders for food. It was way cheap with four people! Then that  night we went to one of our service activities. We go to this free  cram school and help kids that have tough situations study for school.  I usually get to help them with math and writing in the Roman  alphabet. Sometimes, if I am lucky, I get to help the first graders  with Kanji. One time there was one that I didn't know though, so that  was a little embarrassing. Then we had ping pong night. That was fun.  Except one of the eikaiwa students is mad at me because on Tuesday we  played 20 questions and she had said that she hates it, and the reason  we played it was because someone else requested it and we thought that  since everyone is an adult at eikaiwa we could just play it.  Apparently we were wrong. She is really mad at me for that. It is  actually kind of funny. So she didn't come on Wednesday and then she came for ping pong on Friday, but she was super mad still. So it was funny playing ping pong that night.

         On Saturday, we got to go to the church and meet with all the ward  (pretty much) and Sister Bills came with her brother and sister in  law. It was really fun. She sang for everyone and it was a good time.  Then, that afternoon the Sisters had an appointment, but Sister  Swanberg (the beanchan) hadn't bought a bike yet so the borrowed my bike and we walked to a members house who recently hasn't been able to  come to church recently. Well, she wasn't there. (>_<) Then we went  housing! That was really nice! Because last transfer my companion didn't really want to do anything, so we didn't try to find anyone to  teach really. But this transfer we are going to go a lot. I decided.

         Then on Sunday we had church! And there was also a shokujikai and  that was way fun. Then we had a little time before a FHE that was at  the church. So I got to play Shogi with one of the YSA in the ward that we are working with and it was way fun. I only learned how to  play on Monday and I held him off for quite a while and we finally called it a truce. All of the members were amazed that I know how to play. It was way fun. Then we had the FHE and made takoyaki and then we had made an appointment to close to the end of it and had to leave early. But we went to the Hibino family and talked with them. It was super fun. And the son, Keita, served in Tokyo and knows my good buddy
Nic from High School! That was fun to see pictures of him and stuff.

         Well that is about it for this week. We are working, and it is great.  I enjoy that a lot. Also I learned a lot about pride this week and centering our thoughts in Christ and the salvation of others. I love this gospel and know that it is true. Sometimes life is hard, and sometimes stuff happens that we don't like, but the Lord has a plan for us and will make us fail. He is trying to help all of us to return
to Him and become who we need to become. He loves us, even if we fail.

        Have a fantastic week!

                Elder Richardson
1)Companionship Love
2)Seeing Sister Bills off
5)Shogi (check out the speed of that move!)(^^)

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