Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Jennifer's the worst! Stop dating her!!!

Well, this week was transfer calls. Yep. However, to all things there is a season, so we will wait to tell you that one. This week was really good, it feels like we didn't really get that much done, but the things that we did get done were good.

        On Monday, as you already know, we had district activity. Yep, that was about it. And I finally got hair gel when we went shopping. So now I don't look like a slob.

        Then on Tuesday, we had our New Eikaiwa class (for the second time) and since the only people we have really been able to tell about it that are interested in English were the people that come to normal eikaiwa, they were the only ones that came. It is quite different than the other class though, so I think they liked it too. And at the end of this one, being a mission school program, we get to share a message at the end and we start and end with a prayer. So that was a little awkward the first time, but it will definitely be better as time goes on.

        Then on Wednesday, we had normal eikaiwa. It was pretty fun and it was funny seeing the same people two days in a row. And especially since we do self introductions every class, that was really funny to ask people's names and such.

        Then on Thursday, we had a koukan. This one was really interesting though. Because Elder Whited went all the way downstairs and Elder Kariya came upstairs. It was way fun though. Elder Kariya is a super missionary and he is super fun to talk to (especially because his English and my Japanese are on similar levels). So that was a way fun koukan. We got our apartment inspected, were taken out to lunch by a lady in the ward who wanted to give us a referral (the guy who owns the shop). Then we went and talked with a member who's Japanese is impossible (even Elder Kariya was struggling) and read and talked about the scriptures with him. It was super fun, because I like reading out loud in Japanese, and also because we got to talk about a topic that I usually don't get much practice on: Perdition and Outer Darkness! We talked about the story of Cain and Abel in the book of Moses. Also, that day was way fun because I was sick, and Elder Kariya was sick (and also has really bad hay fever). So we kept coughing and sneezing and could hardly get a sentence out. (^^)

        Then on Friday, we had DTM, and we did an activity where you draw all the people there. (Pics will be included). I looked like an alien. Or Gollum. Or apparently Rumplestiltskin. Everyone turned out beautiful. Then that night we had Ping Pong. And we took a video of our antics during our warmup before anyone came. So that will be included.

        On Saturday, the other Elders had two appointments at the same time and we were going to do our weekly planning, so we did a split and I got to go with Elder Otsu and meet an awesome friend of the other Elders. She was super funny and we had our amazing Ward Mission Leader, Yuichi Sama, and his wife and child there, so it was a super fun time. Unfortunately the girl is moving to Tokyo, so thats a bummer. The good news is that she really wants to be baptized and has a way strong testimony. It was really cool. And she caught Elder Otsu up on Attack on Titan and I learned what has happened the most recently without seeing the first season. *I know, I'm a sinner*

        Then on Sunday, we had church and then after that, we had organized to do mutual with the youth. It was way fun and so we are going to try and get mutual to be at least a monthly thing. And I made the famous Chocolate Chip Cookie recipe and all the people loved it. It was fun.

        Also on Friday night, we had our transfer calls come. We are both transferring! To downstairs. There are going to be sisters coming in and so we are getting kicked out of the sister apartment and are going to live with the other Elders. But Otsu is transferring (not that big of a shock) so our crew will be split up and Elder Greer, my companion from last transfer, is coming down from Nanao.

        Well thats about all for this week! I hope you have a great time! And Stuff!

Elder Richardson

1) DTM terror
2-4) Eikaiwa

Video: Elder Kariya (right) and Otsu (left) acting out Yugioh for charades


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