Monday, March 13, 2017

Two Rounds of Taco Rice and the Plague

Well, if you cant tell by the title, we had an interesting week. And if you don't know what taco rice is, you may not have any experience with tacos, or rice, or Japan. 

Anyway, on that note let us begin. On Monday, we had quite the day full of playing ping pong whilst emailing, then going to the Taira family for an FHE that night, that was round 1 of taco rice. It was really good, and they are such a fun family. Their little baby had been sick for a little bit, but now he is back from the hospital and he is super genki! What a cute little guy. And they have two really cute little girls too. Such a fun little family. 
Then on Tuesday, we started (finally) our new eikaiwa program that focuses on the eiken (or English proficiency) test. So we decided to go and see if we could pass out some flyers beforehand to get some people to come. So we went to the place where all the cool kids hang out...McDonald's. Well, unfortunately that was a real dud. There was hardly anyone in the joint. And when we looked outside, it had started snowing. That may be the reason why there was no one there. That or maybe the fact that we also just learned, that it was just graduation. So the kids were probably there, just not at the normal time. You have failed me yet again McDonald's. 
On Wednesday, some of the members wanted to take us out to sushi. I think that I lost. Usually I am ok with most different kinds of sushi, so I like playing what we call "sushi-roulette" where you give each other a number and then you have to take that number when it comes around. (Ex. I give you 8, you take the eighth plate). Also I like taking the things that the members tell me to, because then I try things that I would never try otherwise. So the members were ordering us all sea urchin. And Elder Whited and I were playing the game. Right around the same time as the urchin came, he gave me a number and it turned out to be natto. Now I am not that big of a fan of natto sushi, but I can eat it. However, when it is paired with sea urchin, I almost died. At least there were plenty of other things that could kill the taste that had coated my entire mouth. I was extremely grateful for salmon and shrimp. All in all, it was a good time with Yamaguchi Shimai and Ono Kyodai. 
Then on Thursday, we woke up. And saw that it was 9:00. We must have slept through the alarm. Oops. Other than that, it was a good day. We made cookies and were going to give them out to members, but we started doing that kind of late and it ended up being too late to give them out really. So we ended up saving them for DTM the next day. 
On Friday, as stated, we had DTM.  It was pretty good. Then we had a pretty normal day.  Then on Saturday, we had an awesome day! We spent a little time in the apartment, but it was worth it! We made taco rice for the guy that we met the week earlier when we were walking around with Brother Matsuoka. We had promised him that we would get him some taco rice at some point, so we just decided it should be soon. We made it and it was super awesome. I will attach pictures because I am pretty proud of our handiwork. When we went over there, there were no lights on, except his headlights, and so we were a little worried that they wouldn't be home. When we went up and knocked, his wife came to the door and she was, a little expectedly, confused as we tried to explain why on earth there were two Americans with Mexican style food on her doorstep. She decided to go get him and he came out and was super surprised. Also, he was very grateful that we noticed that his car, Yusuke from this point, had its headlights on. And he checked to see if Yusuke was ok and if he could run. We ended up giving him the food and a family proclamation pamphlet and he was a little worried that he didn't have anything to give us. So he went in his house and then gave us choco pies. Which are a lot like moon pies. 
On Sunday, I woke up and found out that I have the plague. i just didn't feel good at all. I have since then developed a good ol' cough and probably a sinus infection, I think. Anyway, it was not fun. It still isn't. We had a good time at church, and then they had the seminary opening social and I was supposed to bear my testimony about seminary. I don't know if I really was the right person to talk about it because I always had it easy and got to do it during school. But I still know that it is definitely a great thing to do. It was way fun too. Then that night we went and visited the most awesome member ever. Patrick Kyodai! He is from Nigeria and is so converted. He said that he doesn't watch movies anymore because he cant feel the spirit as strongly if he does. So he watches different church videos and seminary visual resources for entertainment. 
Today, if you were wondering why I emailed so late, is because of district activity. We went and played basketball. It was pretty fun. And it was really fun to have lots of friends that I have known from various times and places on my mission. 

Well that is it. I hope you have a good week. And such. 
Elder Richardson 
District Activity

Funny Pic

Taco Rice

Picture from an eikaiwa student

With Patrick Kyodai




True Culture
Video of Sunday School (we talked about sins)


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