Monday, April 24, 2017

2 Nephi 2:14 Fulfilled✔️

This week was weird. We had many times that we got to act and there were a few that we were acted upon. But when that happens, as we all know they will, it's just...


Well anyway this week on Monday we were going to go to the Watanabe's house for an FHE, but then the thing happened last Friday night (last Friday we went to do service with them, but it turned out to take way longer and we had to leave before it was done. So Karina was a little salty about that still.) and then we didn't find a tachiai (someone to sit in with us), so it just didn't happen. So we just dendoed. 

Then on Tuesday, we had some good ol' service. We got to go to a facility for people with mental illnesses and teach some English to everyone. That was really fun. And for the self introductions, everyone was a different type of Samurai or Ninja. (i.e. Ramen Samurai, Smart Phone Samurai, Ukulele Samurai, Marathon Ninja, etc.). Then that night we started a koukan with the other Gokiso Elders and for some reason it was decided that we should meet at this park. Well, it is a huge park and it took a while to find each other. Also, as Elder Miranda and I found out, the park is really, really far away from the service activity that we were supposed to go to that night. So we (Elder Miranda and I) had to bike like mad (and we didn't know perfectly where we were going) and we finally made it to the place. Well the service was over because we didn't have a meeting point set at the park and the park was in the opposite direction from where we needed to be. Then we went and got some food and biked home. 

On Wednesday, we were completely clear in the morning and afternoon, so we planned out our day and we were going to have a good time. When lunch came, we were told by our beloved Elder Jones (who chose the park the night before) suggested that we (still Elder Miranda and I) go to this katsu place that isn't too far away. Well we went, and it was a lot of food, and it was really good. Well, we got a phone call from the Sisters and they asked if we were coming to the church. It turns out that we had an appointment at 2:00 at the church with a man name Hattori. So once again I was acted upon. We then acted and had to bike like mad. The restaurant we were at is nearly on the opposite side of the area as the church. And it is down a huge hill. So we got to bike up that huge hill and then bike to the church. Well we made it there in around 45 minutes. Later we looked up on the map and it says that biking that would take about and hour fifty. Apparently they don't have a setting for frantic missionary speed. Well we made the appointment and then had to change all of our plans and so we went and got bananas. Elder Miranda was so funny and he had Kobayashi san do an introduction in English for our families. So I will send that video. And then we taught eikaiwa, that was really fun. 

Then on Thursday, Elder Jones and Elder Yamazaki had to go get their bikes from really far away in the morning. So Elder Miranda and I just stayed and did the normal studies and were figuring out what to eat for lunch when they finally came back. Then we were back to our normal companionships and Elder Jones and I did some weekly planning. We have been way busy recently, so it was really good to step back and really plan what we should do. Then we had a lesson with Junpei and it was way good. We taught about prayer and when he prayed he truly prayed from his heart. He  told the Lord that he was tired, but he needs to study well, so he wants God to give him power that is more than energy drinks and that he can get power to study well. He also told him that he is hungry and wants to eat 31 ice cream. Lol. It sounds kind of funny, but he was really praying from the heart and just doing what we said to talk to your Father. He is going to pray this week and read the Book of Mormon every day. Super awesome. That night we were going somewhere and our plans changed. We met these Nepalese guys on the street and they invited us to come and talk in their house about stuff and we went and it was way fun. They wanted to talk English mostly, but they also talked to us a lot about religion. And then we went and got indo curry with them and it was way fun. We learned a lot of Nepalese words that night. We still need to check with one of our other Nepalese friends to see if what they were teaching was a bunch of swear words or not though. (^-^)

On Friday we had DTM and our lovely Elder Yamazaki shared a message about building up and strengthening the rising generation. It was way good, he is a great teacher. Then we had McDonald's for lunch. I am starting to hate that restaurant I think. Then we visited Sister Odani that night and that was really fun. She is one of the cutest obachans (grandmother) on the planet, she will be talking to you and then she will pause in the middle of her sentence and then just think and then finally say what she wanted to in English. And her English is really funny. I love her so much! Also we met this Nepalese guy that night who said one of his life goals is to be a Christian Missionary. So he is really excited when we said that we can teach him about Jesus Christ. 

Then on Saturday we were going to have a little party where one of the Sisters' investigator who is Vietnamese was going to make us some Vietnam food and we invited some people. But the Sisters had to go to a meeting that day and so it was cancelled, but then after that our person that we invited called and he said that he was coming. So we decided that we were going to do it anyway. We went to a Vietnam restaurant and got food and one of the two guys cancelled while we were there, so we only got food for 3 people. Then we went and were ready and the other guy didn't show up. We tried calling and texting, but nothing. Then we decided to eat and he texted later that night and said that he fell asleep. So that was a super fun party. We just sat and ate food by ourselves. At least you always have company when you have a companion. Then that night we went with our friends to a curry place (not indo curry) and tried their spiciest curry. It was pretty hard to eat it. Way fun though. And there will be videos of it. 

Then on Sunday, it was Elder Jones' birthday, so I was a little bummed that I couldn't do anything really fun, like going to get food. Instead we just walked around and I would stop people and tell them that it is his birthday and since he is a missionary his family is in America and so he seems sad (I say as he starts laughing because he didn't know I was going to do this) and so I got a ton of people to sing to him. It was way fun. Then we were walking and we can't talk to girls, but there was this college girl that talked to us and she started just walking with us down the street (we were going the same way) and she was a real bro. She was going around looking for a bakery and she had this book of all the bakeries that are good in pretty much half of our mission and she had tabs for ones that she had been to. And she gave us some bread that she had bought and we talked about Pokémon. Over all, that short amount of time, was super weird. It was way fun though. And we even got to share a lot about church and she is willing to meet again and she wants to learn about Christianity. We could refer her to the Sisters, or we could (and probably will) say get your own investigators shimai. (^-^) Then we got home and we made brownies for Elder Jones' birthday and we decided to put Oreos in them. Well that made the bottom not cook and we couldn't tell because we stuck in a toothpick and it must have gone through an Oreo, because it came out clean. Well the candles melted from the bottom up and we ate the brownie and we felt it this morning. And it made me sleepwalk like crazy last night...apparently. 

Anyway, this week was great and I am super glad to be a missionary. A lot of weird stuff happens, but that is just when it is easier to see the Lord's hand in our lives. I can feel his guidance every day. Especially when weird things like this week happen. I hope that you all have a great week and that you go eat some 31 Ice cream! (Thats Baskin Robbins by the way.)

Elder Richardson

Pics or it didn't happen:

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