Sunday, April 16, 2017

You gonna make biscuits?

Well this week was great! And also, Happy Easter! We did lots of fun things this week and had a good time. 

First off, we got to go the Honbu (mission home) FHE on Monday and that was way good! I had never been to a Honbu event before, so that was really fun. 

Then on Tuesday, we went to the mall for some good ol' Easter Egg Hunting. (We were trying to find stuff for decorating and also for hiding Easter Eggs on Saturday for the Easter Party.) While we were there we got to have some Burger King. That was way good. Also we didn't find the stuff for the eggs. (>_<)

On Wednesday, we got to have a lesson and then hang out with our friend Konal who is from Nepal. He is super cool and we always have a lot of fun. We went to the Tsurumai Park (which I was told has Pokemon Statues; it is a lie) and saw the Sakura there. (There will be pictures). Then we went with him to Paprika Banana and taught both of them (Konal and Kobayashi) one of the best words in English they could know.  Dope. (Video included). Then that night we had eikaiwa and it was really fun, there were a ton of people there, and we even had some newer people make it there. So we got to do our favorite, interviews. Yay. 

Then on Thursday, we had Zone Conference. And there was a miscommunication and the entire Yokkaichi Zone showed up and hour late. Yep. So that ended up being a little weird and it was a long day. Then we had a lot of appointments back to back, (luckily one of them didn't show up, because it made time easier). And we were just sitting down for a lesson when some people showed up for eikaiwa. So we did an impromptu eikaiwa and called our good friends in the Honbu to get them to change it from Thursday to Wednesday on the website. So that was super fun. Then we went out with Brother Itou (who we were supposed to have the lesson with) and we got Sushi. It was awesome. 

On Friday, we got to help Kobayashi with painting her banana mobile. It was super fun and surprisingly we didn't paint it yellow. We got the Nonami Elders to come and help us and it was a really good time. There will be pictures. 

Then on Saturday, we had our big party for Easter. It was really fun and we had a pretty good turnout. And we had way more than enough of the food. That was good. And we went with Nozomi (one of the young men) and we dendoed in the morning with him. It was great. He is a machine. It helps that he is literally one of the cutest little deacons on the planet, but a machine none the less. 

Then on Sunday, we found out that the Easter Party was a great success. There were 5 people that came out church because of the Easter party! It was great! And we got to celebrate Easter! So that was great. 

This week was pretty great. I hope that you also had a great week. And that you have a great week. And that you are great. Truly, I am great. You should be too. Great that is. Well that's great. Great. 

Elder Richardson the Great. 


 We found this at a Gazebo.
 Sakura with Konal.


 Brother Itou, me and Elder Jones

 The Bananamobile

 Easter party

 My Easter egg
Dope Video
 Playing after eikaiwa

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