Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Mochi san wa watashi wo korosu. -Mario Coxon

January 1, 2017

Or being interpreted: Mr. pounded rice will kill me. 

Yep, this week was 7 days long. The end. 

Elder Richardson

Seriously though, we didn't do much this week. We went and got to teach that family we found a few weeks ago though. That was pretty awesome. They were really nice and they invited us in and offered us beer, then sake, then coffee, then tea. We settled on vegetable juice. #ClassicMissionary.

Another thing that happened this week was that I got to call our recent convert to repentance and warn him of spiritual death. #AlmaStyle He was really shocked that sinning is really all that bad. He then promised to come to church more and to stop other things, then he didn't show up on Sunday. I may have to remind him of our "kablamo talk."

Then for New Years yesterday, we were going to go to a less active member's house for dinner, but then ended up not being able to go. That night after we had just finished figuring out what to do for dinner, a former investigator called and commanded us to come to his house for dinner. So we went over and they asked if it was ok that they drink sake. We decided that it was just whatever and it was a fun night. Actually they were pretty normal. One of the guys there was our friend Mario from England and he took a little sip of the sake and was like, "wow that is super strong!" So he didn't drink too much, and then Nishikawa (the man whose house we were at) drank some, but just got a little more random than normal (which isn't much mind you). He just kept forgetting English words and it was a good time. Also they had gone to the effort to get us some Coke. Pretty cool. 

Well, that's about it, or at least that and the near death experience. We went up to the ruins of Nanao Castle and on the way down, there was a really sharp curve and I was hugging the wall as close as I could and pulling on my brakes a little, but then there was a car that was a little close to my side and I had to slam on my brakes. I wiped out and slid on my left side and he slammed on his brakes and my right shoulder was within a foot of his tire. I promptly stood, picked up my bike, the man looked at me, I said, "its all good, my bad" and he said, "ore wa abunakatta" which being translated is, "I was too close" (literally I was dangerous). We both then went on our merry way. When we got to the sushi place at the bottom of the hill, we discovered that I didn't have a scratch. None of my clothes were even damaged. My hip got a little sore for a day or so, but that was literally it. The only proof of the accident that I have is my companion's witness and the fact that my pedal is a little more scratched up from sliding on the road. 

Another near death experience!!! On Friday we were walking to the train station from DTM, and there were eagles and crows in the area. I had packed a sandwich because we wouldn't have much time to eat, and I had only eaten half of my breakfast due to time. So I was hungry. So I took out my sandwich and ate while we walked to the eki. We were just talking when all of a sudden I felt something rush really hard on the side of my face. Then I saw an eagle fly right in front of me from behind. It had tried to get my sandwich. It was really scary. Maybe even a little scarier than the car and bike incident. 

Well that is really it. 

Elder Richardson


 This is a picture of a jinja (shrine) lit up for New Years. 

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