Sunday, December 25, 2016

We all make mistakes, because we are carrots.

Well, this week was pretty great! First off, we had a few people tell us that they don't remember having ever met with the missionaries, and they don't want to now; then we had our recent convert tell us that he felt it was a waste of time to study the gospel with the missionaries because we just tell him to do things at home during the week, so he might as well just do it himself; and then we had interviews with President Ishii; and then we had planning; then we had a Christmas DTM/Party/FHM (Family Home Morning); then we had the branch Christmas party; then we had church; then we celebrated Christmas in other various ways; and well, that is our entire week. 

This week, we are looking forward to doing next to nothing with a few days of regular dendo being destroyed on account of Shogatsu and Deep Cleaning. Yay. 

Essentially, Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!  

(Sorry, this email is pretty lame)

Elder Richardson

 1) we made candy cane cookies, but couldn't find red food coloring, so they looked lame. 

2) pun intended-love Elder Greer

3)It was really foggy

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