Monday, January 30, 2017

My legs and fingers don't work!!! I'm just a twenty year old baby!! (>_<)

First off, thanks to all for the birthday wishes. And to the rest of you, thank you for the guilt you now feel...Elder Iwaasa(^^). And for those of you who didn't know, I forgive you for being heathens.

Now this week, we had some great news that I am sure many of you know about (especially since many of you are missionaries).  We will be having changes to our schedule and to our key indicators. I am really excited for the change! I think that a new flexibility will help a lot. At the very least we will now be outside talking to people when we would normally be inside. So that means new people! Also the new Key Indicators will help us focus on what the past has shown us will help us the most. I love what Elder Bednar said in the broadcast to missionaries, "this is a worldwide Church and one size doesn't fit all." I thought that was a really cool way to put it!

Anyway, this week we had a lot of things happen and we got a lot of "behind the scene" dendo done. We spent a little time and fixed the map, and updated the phone. Map cred: Elder Greer. Phone cred: Yours truly. They were both, and the phone still halfway is, an absolute disaster! I love deciding and having some time to fix things for areas right before I might transfer! *in the most sarcastic way*

Now that we have started really organizing our records, we realized that there are some members of this branch that we have never heard about. So we are going to start going a little nuts with a member
record. (Which is also a disaster). In other words, we are going to focus really hard on member work.

Also I got to play the piano for sacrament meeting again and it was super awesome because normally they have us bless the sacrament and so another guy got to bless it for the first time! He was great! It was such a great experience and what a good time it was for his mom!

Also we had a koukan with the Zone Leaders and it was super fun! I got to go with Elder Iwaasa and we saw a miracle! We were biking to the apartment from the eki and almost immediately after we walked inside it started pouring like The Dickens! Not that The Dickens necessarily pours... but it was pouring! That's the weather in the Ishikawa prefecture for you. Anyway the other Elders in Kanazawa were out and when we saw them at the church later they were completely soaked! It
was a miracle because since we were on a koukan, I didn't have any extra clothes that I could've changed into. (I don't think the other Elders changed their clothes, but that is their fault.)

Well, that's just about all that happened this week. And I learned a lot of "useful" words on our koukan with Elder Iwaasa. #StrangeShiritori
I hope you have a great time and remember to keep on eating Ice Cream even though its cold!

-Elder Richardson

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