Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Thoughts on the New Year, Life, and More


Well, this week the main thing that happened was that we dropped more of our investigator and we found some new people. We are working hard to try and reach the mission goal to have one person in each area receive baptism and so we are focusing really hard on people that have a possibility to be baptized. Because of this, we found out that a lot of the people that we have been visiting recently don't have any real commitment and so we get to look elsewhere.

Also we found out that our recent convert is not very committed to living up to the covenants that he has made. It is really sad and he has had some bad influences recently, so hopefully he will change, but at the moment, he doesn't want to meet with us. Kind of interesting situation.

Also today's number is 32 and 33. And 33 and 34 for those in America. If you can guess what those mean, then you are either involved, a stalker, or pretty observant.

Also this week we have been really focusing on how to become the missionaries that we want to be and that the Lord wants us to be. We made goals to be better at even the little things and we are working hard to fully repent of how much of the Lord's time we have wasted. This week I read a conference talk from 1971 about anger. It was really good and pretty interesting. The main thing that I got out of it is in a small quote, "The size of a man may be measured by the size of the things that make him angry." With this important lesson in mind, may we all work to become kinder, more pleasant, and more willing to accept the mistakes of others that we might more be able to help them overcome them. May we also work to overcome our own trials in a like manner.

Elder Richardson

1) we made gingerbread cookies (if you can name the top left cookie you get a cool point) if you can read the bottom right cookie, you can probably read Japanese.

2) institute

3) bonus video--fun with the piano

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