Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Rubber Glover Robber River

Hello all you peeps,

This week was transfers! And we got a call, I get to stay in Nanao! And this is the transfer that it was expected that Elder Holman gets to leave his bean area and he is being forced into the Honbu (mission office). And so I'm losing my second son and getting a third his name is Elder Greer. I've now been a dad and a mom twice pretty interesting.

Yeah anyway so this week we had quite a time on Monday we went and we talk to a man named Nishikawa. And he teaches Japanese to bunch of guys that come to Japan that teach English to students and so our friend Mario was there and he was doing a lesson to make up randomly when we went to visit.  That was way awesome, and so then we were able to talk, unfortunately was about the election but we were able to talk for a while and have really good conversation. Anyway so later my ammo contacted us and asked us if we wanted to go to a vegetable festival a school was putting on and that was way awesome.

Recently we have been working on improving the public image of the missionaries, and so we been going around to different organizations and doing a lot of  volunteer work. So hanging out with our friend from New Castle, England (shoutout to Elder Graydon!!!) was a super huge miracle for us. We went out for donuts and he actually brought up the fact that we need to meet people in an environment where we are just doing some normal things so that people don't talk about us the way they do. So he said that he will invite us to all the events that he can and that we can probably meet with some of the other language teachers. 

So my miracle of this week is named Mario. 

Anyway, we did that on Monday, or at least the lesson with him and Nishikawa on Monday, and it was super awesome! Also that day we were teaching our friend Yuguchi about baptism and his other friend had just walked in on the lesson, and he mentioned that he had already been baptized and just hasn't come to church for a long time. We looked up his records that night and he was under "Lost Less Active Members." So now we found him and found out where he lives, and he seems happy when we go to see him. 

Then on Tuesday, we had a koukan and I went to Kanazawa with Elder Adams. He is super fun and also from Australia. So we had a good time, except for the fact that whenever I go to Kanazawa for a koukan, it rains. A lot. We went to this restaurant for dinner that was super amazing, a little pricey, but soooo good! Also, we went to a care center and were going to talk with the residents and there turned out to be a little show going on and so they asked us to stay and sit with the people while they watched it. It was fun. A video will be attached. And we played basketball with some members and their friends. It was really fun, and no thanks to me at all, my team won quite a bit. Hahaha! I am so terrible at basketball.  

Then on Wednesday, we had Peer Support Eikaiwa and, as always it was a super fun time. There were only two people there and so they decided to not choose a topic and just do "free talk." The conversations are so weird when we do free talk. We ended up doing tongue twisters, hence the title. That one gets Japanese people so bad. (They cant do "R's" or "V's") 

Then on Thursday, we taught institute and the only people that come are really hard to get to pay attention, so we watched Meet the Mormons in hopes that it would help them pay attention and feel the Spirit. Didn't work. Then at the end, we watched the Mormon message where Gordon B. Hinckley tells about the boys putting coins in the poor farmer's shoes. They sure paid attention to that. It was super awesome. 

Then on Friday, we were going to go up to Anamizu, but then we ended up missing our train. We found an investigator in the process of missing the train, and so we had a few hours that we didn't know what to do with ourselves. So we called our Recent Convert and he always has time to meet, so we met and he has this crazy idea of teaching martial arts and Self Defense like how we do eikaiwa. (So crazy it just might work) and so we started making some plans and started the chirashi (flyer) and this could be fun to watch. 

Then on Saturday, we had transfer calls.  Like stated before, Elder Holman in going to Meito to work with computers in the Honbu, and I am going to be Elder Greer's Mom here. (For those of you who are not sure, Mom means I am his companion right after he is done training). I was also Elder Holman's Mom this transfer and last transfer I was Elder Mendel's Dad. My Family Tree will be attached. 

Later that morning was when we went with Mario to the Festival. It was way fun and we bought a lot of sweet potatoes. 

Yesterday (Sunday), we had testimony and fasting meeting, because of Stake Conference last week and it was really good. Not many people were there, a grand total of 14, but the spirit was really strong in the room. Then we went and gave out meishis (cards with his name on it) to people from Elder Holman. 

Well, I hope you all have a fun week and I will tell you more about transfers after they actually happen (tomorrow). 

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