Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Hair-power. . .oh, the Priesthood!

October 30, 2016

Dear my wonderful peoples, 

This week was pretty great. We did a lot of stuff. And we got to meet with a lot of really cool people. 

On Monday night, we had quite a few lessons. We taught Mitsuki, who is the same age as me, and he is super awesome! A little hard to get to pay attention sometimes, but still awesome. We are reviewing all the lessons so that he can strengthen his faith. He really wants to get baptized, but his parents are against it, so he has to wait until he turns 20. So thats a bummer. He is super cool though. We pretty much had him teach us and it was an awesome lesson. 

Then on Tuesday, we got to meet a member named Fujita and his family. He is a member of the branch presidency, but he can't come to church. Pretty cool guy. And his family is awesome. The kids aren't members, and the wife is half a member. (It's a long story). So they don't really know all that much about the church and you could tell when we prayed over the food. We both just started praying and Elder Holman finished before me and he said they were all frozen and didn't know just what to do. We plan to help them get comfortable with that sort of thing through activities. 

On Wednesday, we had a koukan. It was really awesome! I got to go with Elder Miyaki in Kanazawa. It was really fun and we got super soaked! We were meeting with an investigator at McDonald's and during the lesson one of us looked and saw that it was raining really hard. None of us had any rain stuff, so it was quite the time. We also got to go vote for which dog is the best? (^-^) Seriously though, we did. A member said that he had a surprise for us and so we got in his car and he drove us to a pet shop. We were all wondering what on earth we were doing and then we walked in and he explained it to us. He thought that the Americans would enjoy it because of the Election going on. (^^)

Then on Thursday, we missed our train, so we had to take a later one, which in this area of Japan, is really a big deal. In my other areas, if you missed a train you could wait fifteen minutes. Here if you are lucky (which we were) you wait 30. If you are not, you could wait for a really long time and might need to cancel something. Then we had a lot of lessons that day and we got to go teach English to doctors at the hospital. That was really fun. I always learn a lot of new English. Then we also got to teach Institute. That was really fun. 

On Friday, we had a really busy day. We had DTM in Kanazawa in the morning, then we had to leave right on time from that to catch a train all the way up to Anamizu and we were going to meet some people up there. They ended up not meeting at that time, so we went housing. And while we were housing we found a matsuri. So naturally, we went there and talked to the kids there. We had a really cool conversation with kids and we set up a next appointment (its at the next matsuri but whatever). Then we got one of the kid's phone numbers and it was awesome! 

Then we were at the station and the guy that we were going to meet called and said that school had just ended so we could meet up if we were still there. So that was great! We waited there for a little bit and while we were waiting, the same kids that we had hung out with at the matsuri showed up and so we were talking while we were waiting. And I don't remember how, but I ended up doing some magic tricks. It was way fun and they were all so funny. I had thought that they were all high school seniors or so, but then they told us that they are in middle school and are all like 15. And I could remember all their names (or at least the names that they told me). 

Then we went with Hiro, the guy that we had the appointment with in the first place, to his friends' house and we sat and talked for a little while. They all speak English really well and so it was a blast. One guy brought out the guitar and we all sang some songs, I played a little bit, we rapped about Joseph Smith, sang some more songs, and then one guy said he had been practicing and so he sang "Closer" (I think its called Closer; and I don't remember who it's by). It was awesome. 

Then the guys had to go to a soccer practice and so we went with Hiro to his house and did some magic there, he is really good! I mean, I knew his tricks, but his showmanship is fantastic. Hiro is literally amazing. He is super genki all the time and can do so many things. And he works at Coldstone in Toyama. So I like him. He then took us to a restaurant and when the food came he said, "Ok, let's prayer." So we cast lots and he won so we taught him how to pray and he English. And it was perfect. That was a really busy, super fun day. 

Then on Saturday President Ishii was coming to Nanao to come and dendo with us. So we cleaned our apartment for his inspection. And we had to do weekly planning. Then he came and everyone canceled on us but two people. It turned out to be good though because they still had to go check in their hotel. It was super awesome though. They are both so wise and super good teachers. President and Sister Ishii really know how to help people. When they were teaching, sometimes I felt as if they were teaching me rather that the people we were visiting. And it was Sister Ishii's birthday! She turned a nice 29!

Then on Sunday, we had a special devotional with...President Ishii! He taught us about member missionary work. It was something that we had been talking about recently, so it was literally perfect. And we had a great time. Then we went out and got to visit a member that has been struggling with smoking and such, and we were talking about that and he mentioned that he had stopped drinking and pachinko and it was just so funny that he didn't even think to mention that and we were just so happy that he had been able to do that! It was really cool! And we are going to help him quit smoking and he is going to be able to come to church pretty soon. Such a great achievement and he is going to progress so fast. 

Then that night we tried to visit some more people and they weren't home, were too busy, or they just didn't answer the door. So it was just one of those nights. 

Well, this is where I leave you...

And yeah, I hope you all have a happy Halloween and get lots of candy. I will share one of the biggest things that I learned this week: Japanese people love the story of the Tortoise and the Hare. I don't know why, but I must have heard a reference to it about 4 times this week. 

Well, I surely had a good week and we had some good times and some not quite perfect times. It is the 5th week of the transfer and that is super crazy. I just got to Nanao. Luckily for me, this is Elder Holman's first area and he has been here for 3 transfers. So usually that means that he is going to transfer. And when one of you transfers, usually the other doesn't. However, just like absolutely everything, its 50-50. Either I do, or I don't. 

President Ishii shared this scripture in Sacrament Meeting yesterday and I really liked it. Matthew 6:34 "Take therefore no thought for the morrow: for the morrow shall take thought for the things of itself. Sufficient unto the day is the evil thereof." And thats just it. Don't worry about the future. Today is today. If you live today right, tomorrow will be just fine. 

Have a great week and don't eat too much candy, you'll have nightmares. 3 bad nightmares. 

Love and such, Elder Richardson 

Dog Voting

Kids at the matsuri
The song "Closer"

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