Monday, November 21, 2016

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Well this was quite the week, my companion is super hilarious and always super genki! I love it! And second, we have been focusing on being more effective and just all around being better missionaries in our mission, so we looked at the things on our schedule that we do every week and looked to see what is effective and what just doesn't work. Some things were good, but just at a bad time. So we just moved them. Others were just unnecessary at all. So planning was super awesome and we found out that we had a lot of time and so now we should be able to see a lot more progress in the area. 

Also, we had an awesome experience with one of our investigators who we recently gave the Book of Mormon to. He said that he read the part we asked him to, the introduction and the testimonies at the front, and he said that he believes Joseph Smith. It was super cool to see the look on his face and feel the change in the atmosphere when he said those words. 

This week I don't have much to say, but Joseph Smith was a prophet, and he translated the Book of Mormon so that we can know what is true. We get to testify of that and it is so cool, but that isn't the most important or cool part of the message we bring. The main thing is that because of that we know that Jesus is the Christ and that we can all repent and return to God. 

 We are God's children. 

That is such a simple concept, but it is so important. We can gain everything that He has and can become like Him. 

So in other words, this week we had a ton that happened and like every week, not much at the same time. We are getting ready for Christmas and are wondering where we can get a turkey for Thursday (especially here in Nanao (Dante says Nanao is like Mayberry)). We are looking forward to a new family moving into the branch and everything in Nanao just seems to be looking up to becoming a ward. Super cool. All the members are super excited and therefore and helping more than ever with dendo. 


Monday: Elder Holman's stuff was sent off in good time. I realized many of you will think that I just didn't have anything for Monday, but we were praying for it to happen in good timing. Also we set up a lesson with an investigator. 

Tuesday: Elder Greer came, we got Starbucks (Hot Chocolate), didn't miss the train, his stuff came the day of transfers (usually it comes around Wed/Thurs), Yazaki paid attention and read from the Duty to God book with us. 

Wednesday: We went looking for an investigator that we had an appointment last Saturday on that we don't have any contact info on and found him within 10 minutes, Eikaiwa. 

Thursday: Weekly planning wasn't super long, met with Hirose and he asked what we have to do to go to the Celestial Kingdom (and he wants to go) he wasn't against being baptized but wants to know the whole commitment and all the commandments before he commits, Yazaki and Uehira paid attention and we started an actual set lesson schedule for institute. 

Friday: We met with Miyamori and he read the Book of Mormon by himself, Hiro said that he read the Book of Mormon knows it is true and Joseph Smith is a prophet and he prayed for dinner, we met with our junior high school friends up in Anamizu again and got to set up an appointment to go eat dinner with them. 

Saturday: Yamamoto is down to 5 sticks a day, we finished all of the PI phone dendo, dropped a bunch of PI's that weren't interested or that we didn't have and contact info anymore, Kurotsuchi is feeling a lot better (even though she went to the dentist like right before we went) and is going to be coming to church a lot more, made plans for Christmas, Yazaki's birthday, and Shogatsu. 

Sunday: Miyamori came to church and shared a relevant story in Priesthood Meeting, I played the piano for Priesthood and didn't fail, we knocked on a lot of doors and met some cool people, dropped more PI's that we only had an address and they don't live there, found out some people that live far, moved (and wrote it down so now people don't have to go try to visit them anymore). 

Well it was a good week, I hope you all have a great Thanksgiving and enjoy the turkey while it lasts. Don't let the dogs in the'll have to go to a Chinese restaurant. (Well that's Christmas, but still turkey.)

Elder Richardson (^-^)

If I were that old and that ripped. . .

We met this guy when we were waiting for our companions.  He is from Salt Lake City!

One year ago we hiked up to Gifu Jo with the young men.

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