Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Little town, it's a quiet village. Every day, like the one before.

November 6, 2016

Or you know everyday doing the same things with completely different results. 

            Well, this week was rather short. We did quite a lot, and at the same time, it feels much like we didn't do much at all. Then again, it always feels like that. So why should this week turn out any different?

            Anyway, we had quite the time on Monday, that is to say, we shopped, came and put the food away, sat and talked for a while and then just kind of stared at the wall. It was good though, I love a good wall stare. Then that night, we went to President Teraguchi's house for a FHE. It was really awesome and Yazaki Kyoudai came with us too! We got to teach his wife, who hasn't really been coming to church recently and talked about Nephi/Lehi's vision of the Iron Rod. It was really good! 

            Then on Tuesday, we got to go change sheets at the Hospital! I mean, we do this every week and all, but it is just way fun. And it is the best when there are students there because for some reason we are just way faster than them and they always say things about it because they think we don't speak any Japanese. It is way fun. Then we went with our Yazaki Kyoudai to our the Sakai house and she wasnt home, but her son was and he let us in and so we talked for a little and showed him pictures and stuff and then I helped him and Yazaki figure out how to make a Pokémon go account. So yeah, I also now have an account that is active on Yazaki's phone because his email wasn't working. Yep. I will be a powerful player before I ever get a chance to play. Hahaha! Also Sakai Shimai came home and we had an awesome discussion about life and how she feels about church and such. 

            Wednesday, we  had peer support eikaiwa and talked about Japanese culture and one of the guys sang a song for us. The video will be included (Batteries will not). It was awesome. Also at one point he came up and grabbed my thigh and then tried to have me do the same to him. I absolutely love peer support eikaiwa. That night we had our regular eikaiwa class and as always our friends Uehira and Yazaki were hilarious. The video will be included (again batteries will not). 

            On Thursday we had a little disaster. We decided to try our hand at shimai dendo (which is essentially like visiting teaching, you know just like bring them cookies to show them love). Well, we decided to make and old classic of no-bake cookies and bring them to some people. We had all the stuff except the oats. So we went to the store really fast and looked and the only thing there was rolled oats. We figured that it was ok. We make it and well, lets just say that we made some really good chocolate oat goo. It didn't work for the cookies though. There goes shimai dendo. 

            For Friday, we had DTM in Kanazawa again and it was pretty good! We talked about what we can do with faith and such. I would encourage you all to read the talk from October 2010 "The Transforming Power of Faith and Character" by Richard G. Scott. It is super good! Then we went up to Nanao with the stake president to figure out how to set up the Nanao church for stake conference. He is super smart and way cool! Then he took us up to one of our member's house and he wasn't home so we had some time and President Hirose took us to McDonalds. Or as he said, McNald's. And then we went up to Anamizu. I love that little podunk town! We had a lesson with Miyamori and we were planning on helping him weed his garden before that. So we wore normal people clothes. Super weird. While we were on our way, one of our other investigator friends up there texted us an asked when were we going to Anamizu that day and we told him and asked if he wanted to come pull weeds with us. So he showed up. It was great. 

            We pulled weeds and pretty much finished, I was attacked by a praying mantis and then we went in for a lesson. We were going to teach the whole restoration of the gospel because for some reason he wasn't taught all of it before. So it was great because it was also Hiro (the other guy that come) it was his first real lesson as well. So a good place to start. When we got to the end, Miyamori just wasn't understanding when we were inviting him to read the Book of Mormon and to pray about Jospeh Smith and so Hiro looks at us and says, "Can I help?" He then went on to explain to Miyamori that this was his first time hearing this too, but from what we were saying that Miyamori needs to read this book and then he can receive the happiness that we are sharing. It was super awesome!

            Then we left and talked with Hiro for a little while and he gave us a ride back to Nanao and we were able to give him a Book of Mormon as well and it was great. He then asked if he could share it with his friends as well and so we gave him another copy. Super super cool guy. I love him so much!

            Then on Saturday, we went with Yazaki to get him a more Missionary looking haircut so that when he speaks in Stake Conference people will think that he is serious about wanting to go. There is this whole thing where the Kanazawa ward is thinking of paying for his mission so it is important that they see him in that light. It wasnt exactly a missionary haircut, but it is a lot cleaner than it was and it looks good. Then we helped him with his talk and gave him tips on presentation. It was a good day. 

            Then on Sunday was Stake Conference. We had to go down to Kanazawa and the branch president was going to give Yazaki a ride, but when we were on the train there, we got a text that said that he wasn't going. So yep. We got to go tell the stake president that he would be able to make it. Which is too bad because it was a really big opportunity. The only other speakers were the stake president, another recent convert from the Kanazawa ward, President Ishii, Sister Ishii, and Elder Tokuzawa from the seventy. That would have been really cool. Then we got to see a lot of people from the stake and that was really fun. 

            Then that night, we got to meet with Yamamoto Kyoudai! He is so awesome! He has been working hard to overcome some struggles with tobacco, but he is doing it! We have a plan and it is working! I am so excited for him! His main goal is to get his life back in order so that he can have an eternal family. Super cool! Then we got to talk to Yazaki Kyoudai about self reliance and he is making some progress. We are going to make the first really big step today by going shopping to get her and buying a weeks worth of food as opposed to him just going to a conbini every day. So he should be able to save a lot of money and wont have any problems with that anymore. He has really been struggling with that though and we are helping him to figure it out. It is so cool how many different topics the church has resources on. I love it!

            Anyway that was this week and although it was really short, i guess quite a few things happened. It was good!

 Dinner with Hiro
 Learning Kanji
Uehira (left) and Yazaki (right) at eikaiwa
The Eikaiwa Japanese Song
Us and Sora-kun and Yazaki

Yazaki asked me to shave his eyebrows
Video of said atrocity
FHE at Teraguchi Kaicho's house

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