Monday, August 15, 2016

"We're gonna have a good lunch tomorrow... (August 8, 2016)

And then we'll hate ourselves afterward"
-Elder Richardson August 3, 2016 9:35 PM

        Well, this week went by fast, like all the other weeks recently. But this was different because my companion noticed it too. We are more than halfway done with the transfer and it feels like we have only been together for a few days or so. But it feels like we have done quite a bit, so that's good.

        Last Monday, our biggest celebration was that we got to take a little nap. Elder Mendel is way 疲れたed and so he needed, I just wanted it. Hahaha! But then we were all ready to go and even had a member FHE planned for that night! But then we went and...the members forgot and the husband wasn't there. So we shared a quick message with the wife and then left. Mochizuki Kyodai, the member that we had the appointment with, called later and said, "I'm sorry desu kedo, senior dakara." Hahaha! For those of you who don't speak this crazy mix of Japanglish, pretty much it means: I'm sorry, but it's because I'm a senior. so again, hahahaha! But we got to talk to a few cool people that night so it was ok.

        Then on Tuesday, we got to have a member lesson in the morning so our studies got a little skewompus. (Spelling? Also is that even a real word?) we got to cut out early from our companionship study and go to the train station. We had an awesome lesson with the Fukatsu Family!
Then that night we got to fine tune our badminton skills. I love having sports night! It was super fun and this week a bunch of people came. It was way good!

        Then on Wedensday, we did our weekly planning because we had an exchange on Thursday, which is when we usually do it. So we got to plan and then go visit Watanabe Kyodai! It was really fun and he seemed to enjoy us coming to visit him.

        Then on Thursday was our companion exchange with the Numazu Elders. I got to stay in Fuji with Elder 大津. We had a great time and the best part, of course, was eikaiwa! I got to teach in Fuji again! It's been so long. But it was great!

        On Friday we had an amazing training by Edler Bauer about flooding the earth with the Book of Mormon. So after that, Elder Mendel and I switched all we talk about to only the Book of Mormon. So this week we gave out seven! And four of them were on Friday after the DTM.

        Then on Satruuday, we had a lesson with the Itou family planned, but then the Paulsens from the mission home came and wanted to check our apartment, etc. so we pushed back our appointment with them from three to four and decided we would take a train instead of biking up there. And the Paulsens were hungry and wanted to go out to lunch with us and we got to be the ones to introduce them to Udon! Which, yes is just a soup, but a really good soup! And they also got tempura. Then we had a great lesson with the Itous and talked about the Book of Mormon...shocker! And we came up with the idea to have everyone in the ward write their testimony in the cover so we can give it out and the person can have someone other than us telling them that it is true. Well us and the people in the Book of Mormon that say that it is true over and over again. Hahaha!

        Then on Sunday Tezuka came to church! It was fast Sunday so she didn't seem to know what to think about the testimony meeting, but then everyone started to greet her afterward and at first she thought that was cool, but it started to go sour so we went to class right then. In the investigator class, the normal teacher want there so we had Nishiie Shimai teach and it was great! Since it was the first
time, not much of a lesson was done from the book, but we just talked about missionary work and fasting and all the questions that Tezuka had. Then when she came down from Relief Society at the end of church she had a big smile on her face, so we think that she might come back. Or maybe she was just happy that it is over.

        Well this week we worked our tails off, literally, we no longer have tails. Hahaha! But we got to meet some great people and we have started flooding Fuji with the Book of Mormon. So life is good, it's still really, really hot outside, but it's good. I hope that you all have a great week. And for those of you in America, enjoy the fact you have garbage cans everywhere, your recycling system isn't really hard to use, you have air conditioning in entire buildings for the most part, you can read traffic signs, and you can buy chicken broth at the store.

        Anyway, I hope you all do some great and fun things this week!

Elder Richardson
That's all mayo.

It literally took forever and three hints to get this word. Even for our "native speakers."

The Plan in "cute" form.
Japanese missionaries in action, we were trying to play with two balls at once.

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