Sunday, July 31, 2016

"You look like you are melting"

Hello Everyone! This week was great! Really short and fast, but great and fun nonetheless. We did quite a lot, but first on Sunday, something happened that is awesome! Our investigator Sai, said that he wants to be baptized! We've been teaching him since I was with Elder  Hansen (which is a really long time ago) and he is really doing good! He said that he wants to follow Jesus so we can all live in the 高榮 and be happy together. (That's Celestial Kingdom in Chinese). He's going to go on a trip for about a week, but he promised to read the Book of Mormon everyday and to pray. So we should be good. But pray for him! He is going to be baptized on the 24 of September!

        So that was a big miracle and on Saturday, (I guess I'm going backward this week), we had a little miracle too! We were going around making a "member book" so that we can know stuff about the members in the ward, and we were going to go to these people's house that are super awesome! But then as we passed the KFC, I was like, "let's go visit this less active that lives over here who is never home!" So we did. And he was home! Which is crazy, because he said that we came at the perfect time because he hasn't been home during the time that missionaries are out for about two weeks! Like leaving at five and coming home at eleven! Crazy! (He's a doctor).

        Then our Friday Miracle was that we got to experience the Karate Kid! We went and painted a less actives house and, no joke, he told us to paint side to side not up and down. We almost died. But it was way fun because they have been really hard to meet with recently and also painting is way fun.

        On Thursday, our big miracle was that we got to go to Numazu's eikaiwa again! And we got to meet some new people! Also, in Fuji that night there was a lady that asked the sisters to teach her the gospel sometime after eikaiwa!

        On Wednesday, we got to teach three lessons rapid fire! We went and housed a big building and found a guy that was interested in the Book of Mormon and said we could come teach him about it. Also he has read the bible! Which is pretty rare for Japanese people! And he's got the coolest looking tattoo sleeves ever! Pretty cool dude! Then we went and visited our investigator Tezuka! And it was great, she mentioned a thing that a member said in the last lesson we had. She said something like, when I was baptized, I didn't know 100% that it was true. Still I don't think I know 100% that it is true, but I believe it enough that it makes up for what I don't know. Tezuka really liked that. She
thought that in order to be a member of the church you have to know for sure 100% that it is true, but it's just not like that. You only have to know what you know and then believe enough to make up for the rest. And then we went and played basketball with Mirai and had a great lesson afterwards. He was really involved. When we were talking about the great apostasy, he looked at me and said, "God called another prophet right?" It was perfect. Because God did call another prophet!!! It was a really great atmosphere in the lesson.

        Then on Tuesday, our miracle was that we finally got our key for our apartment fixed! So now we can lock it! From the outside! Small thing but it was a really nice thing to have.

        Last Monday, miracles abounded! We received revelation to clean our apartment really well and we had an apartment inspection on Friday. Not that ours was messy or anything. But they were really impressed. Also we got the miracle of rest. It was needed. And we went and got crepes for lunch at this place at the bottom of our store that we buy our food at. It was good!

        Well I hope you all have a great time and look for all the small miracles in your week! I would love to hear them if you have the time!

Elder リチャードソン

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