Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Half Vampire and Half Ninja...and Stronger than Both!!!

       Hello everyone! First off, I just wanted to say how awesome my companion is! I can't say that enough. He is the best. The only thing is that he underestimates himself. His Japanese is so good and he always can say the things that he wants to say, and he can understand everyone really well!  He is flawless in teaching and everyone thinks he is hilarious. I love my little bean chan.

        Anyway, we did a lot of good work this week. On Monday, we had lunch with a member and it was really fun! They are so awesome and we had a good time. Then that day we went and talked to a lot of people on the street that night. Normally we have a lesson with Tezuka on Monday nights, but recently she has been out of town. It is a little frustrating sometimes. But it is ok because we now have time to find someone new that we can also teach.

        Then on Tuesday, we helped Elder Mendel learn where things are by biking around a lot. Unfortunately the people we wanted to visit were not home, so we had to make up a little bit of what to do.

        Then on Wednesday, we went and visited Kinya Kyodai! It was awesome and he is doing a lot better! And he was really excited because that morning he got to go outside for his exercise time.  Then we were really hot so on the way down, we stopped to get ice cream and it was totally revelation! We met up with a member there and she was super excited to see us and then we talked to a bunch of kids that are willing to meet and we got their numbers!

        On Thursday, we got to go help with Numazu's eikaiwa and that was way fun! When Elder Bauer introduced Tike (a man that goes to eikaiwa that is super funny) it went as follows:

        Elder Bauer: "And this is Tike, who is half vampire and half ninja."

        Tike (without a second's pause): "and stronger than both."

It was great! We laughed so hard! And we had a good time at Eikiawa.

        Then on Friday, we had ZTM and had to go to Shizuoka! It was way fun and we got Burger King for lunch! It was a really good training and was really fun to see all the new and old faces in the zone. I realized that I have been here a long time. And I looks like it will be even longer. But it's ok because Fuji is the best area in the best zone. So you know, I've got it going on. Then that night we went and visited with Ookii Kyodai! He is doing awesome and in order to help him prepare to enter the temple, we are starting to introduce him to family history work! He is a little bit nervous about doing it but we said that it will be ok and we will help him. It will be awesome!

        Then on Saturday, we had a BBQ at the Nakajima's house! It was fantastic and a lot of people came and we did some service of pulling weeds. Which was super hard. The weeds were like eight feet tall and as wide as a broom handle. So it was some hard work! All of us were happy though because we all helped each other. And the food was great! It wasn't like an American BBQ but we had some great Japanese food. And that night we had ping pong and Sai came! We were able to play
with him, do the Forrest Gump thing with hitting the balls into the box and have a short lesson.

        Then the next day he came to church! It was awesome and he said that when he prays he feels his heart get quiet and bad feelings go away! That was super great to hear! He is feeling the spirit! So we are going to be teaching the rest of the commandments from here on out and we are praying for him really hard! He is progressing so well and he is willing to obey the Lord!

        Then on Sunday night there was a matsuri! Which is like a Buddhist festival, but not really so we went! And we found five new investigators! At the same time! They are awesome and we are going to meet on Saturday and teach all of them at the same time! Then there was a firework show that night to end the matsuri and Sai asked if we would go watch with him. So we were there and he was there, but even with calling and texting each other, there were just too many people there and we couldn't find each other. But it was fun and nice that he wanted to watch with us.

        But this was a really good week! At the beginning it was a little slow, but we endured with patience in our afflictions and at the end of the week we were able to find five people. It was all worth it!
        I hope you all have a great week and enjoyed Pioneer Day, because even in Japan they celebrate that Utah holiday with fireworks!!! Jk.

Farewell my friends and see you next week!

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