Sunday, July 17, 2016

The epic story of the bean chan...

    Once upon a time there was a bean chan named Mendel. He liked to watch movies. One day while in Sandy, Utah, he got a letter that would change his life forever...this is his story.

        He was told by a living prophet (much like Moses in the old days) to go out and work, but he told him to go out and work in Japan. So good old Mendel became ELDER MENDEL, SLAYER OF KINGS and packed his handy dandy notebook and his toothbrush, got all of his visa requirements
and went to Japan. There, he had to deal with his first real foe and hinderance of his divine calling: the deadly foe of JET LAG. While still battling this enemy, he was brought into a room where he was to be assigned a guide through the mystical realm of Nagoya Japan. He was told he would be assigned for his first quest in the small town of Fuji where he would slay all of the things. He said, like Nephi of old, "I will go and do the stuff that I should." Or something like that...

  Anyway, hello everyone and welcome to this week of hearing Elder Richardson ramble on about absolutely nothing. we go.

        On Monday, it was so long! We had to get up early (at 6:15 instead of 6:30) and send Elder Day to the Honbu. I had to go with him all the way to Hamamatsu. Which is why I was there last week. Then we had a lunch appointments there with a less active member and an investigator. It was way fun and we also went out for ice cream. Life is good. Then that night we had a dinner appointment with investigators that are from Peru. So the whole time it was in Spanish. Good thing I mastered that a little while back otherwise I wouldn't have done as well. It was really weird because they called us our first names because it was easier for them to say. We were for the night Lucien, Raphael, and...Dante. Hahaha! It was great because they were excited that they didn't have to translate my name. It was a really fun time. Then that next morning, we shipped off Elder Dijkwel's stuff up to Matsumoto. Then we waited and then I had to get on a bus and then a train to the Honbu. It was long but, unlike was planned. I didn't have to go alone. But my companions were sisters! It was weird. They were going to present some training in the meeting I was going to so it was really fun.

        Tuesday was spent, as stated before, mostly on trains. But then we had a training and were sent to spend the night in an area that was close to the Honbu. I got to have my temporary companion Elder Ence. Who was in the MTC with me. It was way fun and super awesome! We went out and dendoed hard in Meito (the area that the Honbu is in) and got them a couple of referrals. I was a little bummed because the other trainers got to stay in Gifu, my last area. But it was good anyway.

        Then on Wednesday morning, we went to the church to practice singing for when the bean chans come in and we practiced our little hearts out from about 10:30 to 12. Then in came the beans!!!  Elder Laumatia should be proud to be a Grandfather and also that I did what he asked and put a lei around my bean chan's neck when it was announced that I was to be his trainer. Then we got money, bought a helmet and his sheets and things set up his iPad and left for Fuji. Also important note: Elder Paulson (the financial secretary) gave us Costco muffins!!! Then we spent the rest of the night on the train. It I guess. We got to talk a lot, not as much as normal, I let him fall asleep a couple of times, but he was trying really hard not to. But we went and made it home in time for going home for the night! Yay!

     Then on Thursday, we went and bought his bike, got some food for the rest of the week and then went out and did some dendo. It was good. Then we had eikaiwa that night and it was awesome! We played hangman at the end and they were all getting into it a little bit. Whenever someone would miss a letter, they would do the wah wah wah thing! It was awesome! Also we did our weekly planning that day.

        Then on Friday, we worked our tails off and talked to a ton of people. We are trying to get Elder Mendel as much practice as possible. Then we had a great lesson about the temple with Ooki Kyodai
and he is really trying hard to be ready to go!

        On Saturday, we had ping pong night and no one showed up! It was lame. But we had to be there because we told people that we would until seven so we got pretty good at ping pong. And we then had a lesson with Keitarou kun and he is good! He said he doesn't know if God is there but wants to so he will do the things we tell him. He committed to read the Book of Mormon and pray every day this week! And we told his mom so she said that she'll hold him to that.

        Then on Sunday Elder Mendel had a talk! And he nailed it! It was perfect and everyone was impressed with his Japanese! And Sai came to church too! He was great and he participated in the lesson and everything! And he said that he will come next week! That night we also had a lesson with Sai and he even asked if we would eat dinner at his house. It was good! His girlfriend came over and cooked Thai food for us and it was really spicy but really good! And we taught about the Ten Commandments so he said that he will follow them and he will come to church every week if he can. And he was worried about when he didn't follow the commandments before so we reviews that we can repent and that we can always work to improve! It was a great lesson!

     Well I hope you have a great week and stay fabulous! I love being able to share the gospel and I suggest that you all read D&C 15:6! It's great!

Lots of love and stuff!
Elder Richardson

Our food plan for the week.

Elder Mendel, the Bean Chan
Mission mash-up. Where's Dante??

My planner


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  1. Hello, to the followers and posters of Dante Choro's mission blog. I am said bean chan, Choro Mendel's mother, Camille and I'm grateful to have stumbled onto this blog. I am also grateful that Mendel Choro is under the tutelage of Richardson Choro for the first leg of this amazing journey. It was incredible to read this blog post and hear another perspective about our son's first few days in Japan, many details of which we would not have known since Mendel Choro shared other things. My love to all and again thank you very much. Camille Mendel