Tuesday, August 30, 2016

The wild fish ran loose in the city...


        I hope you all had splendid week and did many spectacular things. For me, this week was hard. We, once again, had to go to Nagoya for a training. This time however, we got to give the training. So this week again was looking like last week at the start. Then it started to pick up after we got home and did some finding. If you ever have a rough day, I would suggest knocking on doors for a couple hours. And then riding around looking for people for an hour. Then repeat.

        Well we had some great lessons this week and we taught one of our investigators the word of wisdom. He was a little worried that he would not be able to follow this commandment in time for his baptism. We had a great member there to help us out and he shared his personal experience when he was taught from the missionaries and they asked him to follow the word of wisdom. At the end of the lesson, he agreed to stop alcohol and do it one step at a time.

        We met with him a few days later, and he said that he had researched the church online to see if there were any other rules that we had. Unfortunately, the website he found didn't give much information, and not all of it was true. After helping with his questions about which were real and which weren't, we talked about the commandments. He decided that he didn't want to follow all of them and that he would not like to receive baptism at this time. He promised that if he got an answer from the Book of Mormon, he would talked to the missionaries again. So we were really sad to see him go.

        Anyway, this week we got to do a lot of finding and meet a lot of people. We gave a lot of people copies of the Book of Mormon and hopefully some good will come from that. We also met a guy while we were knocking on doors that isn't really interested in religion, but wants to learn English and said that we could share what our church thinks about things with him.

        Well, I'm sorry this one was short, but you can all deal with it. Hahaha! I love you guys and hope you get to do some cool things this week!



We played with the camera features on Elder Mendel's camera for a little while.


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