Monday, August 15, 2016

Mission Olympics, we got a gold in Mountains...

Dear Family, Friends, and the rest of you,

        This week was great. And by great I mean that it was sooooo hot! And by hot I mean I think I'm going to die. And by die I mean overcome my challenges and work despite of the struggle that the Lord puts in my path. And by that I mean that working in Fuji was really, truly great this week.

        First off, we had a great time with our investigators and with members. We had a couple of great lessons with members present to investigators on Tuesday and the feeling afterward was great. We got to teach Tezuka at the Mochizuki's house and she told us that she really liked church last week! Sha had the image that it would be really strict and stuff, and I don't know if you have ever been to
church, but it's just not that. we have the primary in the back, and it was fast Sunday, so the testimonies weren't prepared or anything and in our ward everyone in just hilarious.

        Then that night we went with Kikuchi Kyodai up to the Nakajima's house and had a lesson with Keitarou. We talked about the plan of salvation and he agreed to be baptized on the 20th! That's next

        We also had some fun with Members this week, we got to go to the Satou FHE on Monday and they were a blast. We also got to do a little fun picture with a sparkler type thing. It will be included.

        Our bean chans had a great miracle on Thursday (we had exchanges) and they invited one of our investigators to baptism! And he said yes! We are excited his name is Mizusawa (or at least that's his Japanese name) and he is from Iran. He is super cool and probably one of the funniest people ever. So now we have three people getting baptized in Fuji! So we are pretty excited.

        We have been going HAM with the Book of Mormon this week. We got a bunch of members (really only about 20) to write their testimonies in a Book of Mormon and then we are giving them out like nuts. From that we are seeing so many miracles, really small ones, but miracles nonetheless!

        Anyway, this week was great and we had a great time. I hope that you all are doing great things wherever you are and that you always remember to knock at the door, don't just ring the bell, sometimes it doesn't work. So knock. And it shall be opened unto you.

        Elder Richardson
Tike stole my nametag at Eikawa

Found Godzilla on the way to somewhere

We made awesome smoothies

Fun with fire

One of my idols...if I can be his age and be that ripped, life is good.
Best English mistake of the week.
Love to you all (even if you aren't one of the family or friends lol)
Again from Elder Richardson

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