Sunday, October 2, 2016

The Epic Tale of Transfer Calls

My, my, what a week it has been. We did so many good things and had some great lessons, we went out to eat a ton, and we also got to go on a koukan.

So anyway, just so you don't all die of anticipation, I am being transferred out of Fuji. And I am going to a very famous place among the missionaries in the Japan Nagoya Mission. It is called Nanao. All the missionaries are really jealous I think, because everyone always talks about being transferred to Nanao. And I'm not sure I understand this missionary slang, but they call it banishment. I am losing my bean chan and getting his old MTC companion. So that sounds pretty fun. 

I have heard that they have really good fish up there, so I'm really looking forward to try it. 

Well, anyway, of all the things that happened this week, I will just share what I have pictures for. And then maybe a few more. 

We got to go out to dinner with our former investigator Sai, and he took us to a yakiniku (which is like grilled meat) place and he asked us what we want and just kept ordering food. Then at the end of that meal, he looked at us and said, "not enough, lets go Chinese food." So we did, and we went to a Chinese restaurant that tastes like Panda Express, is run by Japanese people, with a Chinese man. Truly I must be an American. 

Well, I'm sorry this one was short and not really all that detailed, but you can deal with it. I'm not writing another one for this week. Hahaha! 

Anyway, I hope you all have a great time and next time I will write from Nanao!

-Elder Richardson

And then on the way down, we found this cool mural on the side of a haircut shop

We were trying to find a cool sounding temple that was way far away and went to where the map said it was, and about 15 kilometers later, (that was uphill by the way) we got to the place and found this little guy. And apparently the temple we were looking for doesn't exist. It was a really good bike ride though. And we found some really old bamboo in the forest around us.

On Friday, we had our last DTM in our current district and so we took some pictures afterward.

And then last, but not least, on Sunday (and no, it was not General Conference in Japan) it was Fast Sunday! So I felt like I should share my testimony for sure since I was leaving and we were sitting behind the bishop's wife and realized that she was drawing everyone that went up. So we asked if we could take a picture of her drawings... so yeah, they are actually really good. They look a lot like the people.  You can go ahead and find me.

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