Monday, September 26, 2016

Step 1: Follow the Kokoseis Home

Hello all of my peoples. Today, marks my last time I get to spend September 26 as a missionary. Well, from now on, all of the days are like that. And all of the days after the fifth have also been like that. Weird right?!?! 

Anyway, this week was great, we spent a lot of time inside though. Shoutout to everyone in the MTC! Hahaha! Anyway, on Monday we had to go give a training with Elder Tokuzawa in Nagoya and so our Pday was gone and also Monday night. So no real dendo on that day. Then, since we got special permission, we were able to do all of the things we couldn't get done on Pday; i.e., shopping and cleaning and the like, we got to do that stuff on Tuesday. So that was pretty much all of Tuesday because then we had a typhoon that night and we were told not to go outside, so we did a lot of phone calls and more cleaning and stuff like that. Then on Wednesday, we had to do our weekly planning and we had a lesson! First lesson of the week was on Wednesday! Crazy.  It was great though! We got to teach Tezuka about the Law of Chastity. Which is still kind of a weird thing to teach about...especially to a woman. We had some great members there though, so it was great. Actually to be more accurate, we were at their house. Really good though, she agreed with everything and will have no problem following it. She still isn't sure about prayer though. This week, she will pray. 

On Thursday, we still didn't really get to dendo. We had interviews with Ishii Kaicho and then we had a lot of missionaries from the Nagoya area come to Hamamatsu (we had the interviews in Hamamatsu by the way) and they sang for us and stuff. We had to leave early to go teach eikaiwa. We had a party in eikaiwa so we only got to see a little of "The Mormon Show." We got to go to Fuji's eikaiwa and have a Hawaiian party. We sang a song from New Zealand and passed it off as Hawaiian and then we had some people that do ukulele and hula dancing come, and a girl in our ward that served her mission in Hawaii gave a presentation on the culture. It was fun. 

Then on Friday, we had DTM, so we were, once again cut out of some of our dendo time. Afterward, to make up for it we had a blitz koukan in Fuji with the zone leaders. So we had two hours of double dendo. So that was good. And we had a pretty normal day for the rest of Friday. Then on Saturday, it was our first normal day. We got to do our studies like normal and then we got to dendo right after lunch. Of course, we had a ton of lessons on Saturday, it was awesome. Also it rained pretty hard on Saturday. 

On Sunday, we had a good ol' time. We went to church and neither of us had to talk, so that was a change. And then we had shokujikai after church and it was really fun! Then we got to go housing and talked to a lot of people. It was really good to be able to go out and really work. 

Today we had District Activity and went to Atami to the beach.  It was way fun and we got some cool shells. I once again proved my worth in Frisbee and found out I am really good at finding small things and animals in the ocean. Unfortunately, we couldn't go swimming, you know, missionaries dakara. Even with a lifeguard. 

Have fun my friends.