Tuesday, September 20, 2016

One day I will get it right,

However, today is not that day.

Hello everyone!
        I'm sure you are wondering why I'm emailing so late. Well, this morning, we got to go to Nagoya in order to give a training to all the youth in the mission about family history.  Pretty cool right, also with Elder Tokuzawa of the Seventy we got to teach.

        So this week was pretty good! We taught a few lessons that were awesome! We got to teach Mizusawa on Tuesday and for the first time in my mission, I had a Shimai as the tachiaied. We had Wakatsuki Shimai come and help us teach, it was awesome! We talked about tithing and so
in order to get the point across, we used the time old classic of dumping candy on the investigator. Or in other words, we give them ten yen and ask for one back and will will give them lots of "blessings"
if they do. So they give you one yen and then your companion dumps a whole big bag of candy righty in front of them. It's a really good way to visualize what really happens with tithing. And he was so funny with it, I said ok, now give me one back and he was like, "for you I will give two."  So that was fun, and then after we gave the candy, he said this is all for one yen right? And he was like, what if I give you another one? He is the funniest guy ever! I love him! He is literally so awesome. And he has been so prepared by the Lord. He was talking about when he was young and it reminded us and Wakatsuki Shimai of Joseph Smith. It is super cool to see the different things that the Lord puts in our path so that we can do the things that He would have us do.

        The other awesome lesson that we had a member present was with Tezuka! It was super great! We taught the Word of Wisdom and then at the end of the lesson, we ended up committing her to read and pray every day this week rather than to follow the word of wisdom. And this time she said that she really wants to know, and that she will do those things more seriously so that she can receive an answer if it is true or not. We were so excited that she would finally accept our challenge to pray.

        If the other things that happened this week were that we had a koukan and it was way fun! Elder Ootsu and I had a good ol' time in Fuji and went to a lot of people's houses to see if they still live there. It was good. And we also had sports night on Tuesday and it was way fun! One of the member's son-in-law came and it was way fun! He is from Indiana and served a mission in Sapporo. And he's really good at basketball. We had a good time. And then we had been focusing really
hard on family history in order to prepare for the training that we were giving and saw some cool miracles through that.

        Well I hope you all are having fun and remember, it's not about who is there at church each week, it's all about who should have come and who wasn't there. Let's fill all the chairs, and if we have to buy some more, that's probably a good thing.

        Have a good time and really on the One that can get you though it. (I'll give you a hint, it's not you).
          Elder Richardson
Rice Field

In Japan, we have earthquake proof trucks.

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