Wednesday, June 8, 2016

The life of an everyday missionary

Well, it's that time again, email time. So in other words, the time where I bore you all with my boring life and you get bored.

So let's get started...

On Monday, we did what felt like nothing. We didn't have to go shopping because Elder Hansen was transferring out and so we came home after we were done emailing and we took a nap and then we cleaned some. Then afterward we had a lesson appointment with Tezuka San and Mochizuki Kyodai was going to tachiai for that. But she wasn't there when we had made the appointment for and so we were like oh, what should we do? So Mochizuki Kyodai asked if we would come over to his house and have a short FHE. It was really good and we got to talk about the Book of Mormon and different ways to study it. It was really good.

On Tuesday, we had transfers, so I had to say goodbye to my companion, who was in missionary terminology, my mother. It was pretty sad but oh well, then I got to go stay with the Shizuoka Elders for that day until my companion came. It was really fun, Elders Burns and McClellan are a blast! Then, at about 15:00, Elder Day came and we went together to Fuji. Then of course, it being the 31st of the month we had a member appointment with "Brother Robbins". Hahaha! Then we went shopping to get food. Then after that we had to plan out our week and we had a planning meeting so that we could coordinate with the sisters more. It was pretty good. Then that night we went out with a member to do some visits. He was very excited that Elder Day is here.

The Reason: Elder Day's father served in Fuji about 31 years ago. For about 9 months. We aren't sure on the actual count of the months, but that is what the most members here believe. But another thing that is possible, and what many people have told us is that he served here for 3 months and then later came back for 9 months and ended his mission here. Either way he was here a crazy long time and ended his mission here. AND THE MEMBERS WORSHIP HIM!!! It is hilarious! We are enjoying
it very much right now.

Then on Wednesday, we wanted Elder Day to be able to go and meet the ward leadership, so we did a ton of member visits! It was really good. And then we did some housing and went to the adult institute class. It was really fun and we all had a good time. And on the way home for dinner that day, we met some really cool high school students! They were really fun and they were having fun trying to speak English. One of them wants to be a rapper and he does some freestyle competitions sometimes. I don't really like rap that much, but it does sound cool in Japanese. His rapper name is MC Nobu!! Haha! He was pretty good.

When Thursday came around,  it was the day for real weekly planning and so that took most of our day because we had to not only plan for this week but for the rest of this transfer. And then that night we got to teach eikaiwa and two new people came! It was awesome! We all had a pretty good time and everyone is getting really good at English. Of course, it could be that I'm just getting worse. Then we played the time old classic, MAGICAL BANANA! It was fun and we hadn't played it in a while.

On Friday, we decided to bike up to Fujinomia. And that wasn't as long as we thought, it only took about an hour. We spent some good time finding up there and met some cool people. Also we found a tailor! We want to see how much it is next time, because they were closed, and if it's cheap we might get tailored suits! Hahaha! That would be cool! Then we visited a few more members that night.

On Saturday, it was hot! And when we tried to visit people, no one was home! We biked far and it was just a no go. But Mersy Shimai's (one of the members we tried to visit) husband was home and it was a good relationship builder with him. He has always had a good relationship with the missionaries and so we want to teach him, because he is really cool!

On Sunday was the best! It was fast Sunday and so everyone got to go up and bare their testimony. It was also the first Sunday that Elder Day was here. Many members got up to bare their testimony, and they all talked about the same thing. Elder Day. Hahahaha! There was even a lady that hadn't been to church since Elder Day's dad left Japan or so and she came because she heard that his son was here. And she got up and bore her testimony of how she doesn't think the church is true or that God exists, but she believes in Elder Day. It was really an interesting experience. Then after church we had a couple of really good lessons, one with our investigator named Alexi and Takanori Kyodai tachiaied for us and it was really good, he asked questions that really showed interest in what we were teaching. And then we had a good lesson with another investigator named Sai at night. He was awesome, but unfortunately he hasn't been reading the Book of Mormon. He said he will make sure to read it this week though.

That's about all that happened this week. It was a good week, even though we didn't really get too much done, what matters is that we were trying to get it done and that we spent as much time as possible outside the apartment. We are looking forward to a great transfer and know that we can see many miracles if we put the trust in the Lord.

I hope you all have a great time this week!


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