Sunday, June 26, 2016

Playin' with the big boys now...

So, hello everyone. I hope you are doing well this week was really fun! Of course, it was also really, really, really hot. And so, of course, we biked everywhere.

 Anyway, this week was good and we learned a lot of cool things, but if I told you what they are, you wouldn't get to learn them by yourself. So I will give you a hypothetical question, and then you
think about it and then you will learn.


Well anyway, this week we did a lot of fun things. The beginning of the week was pretty slow, but the weekend was really busy. On Monday, we did a lot to prepare for our music night that was on Saturday. And that kind of led our dendo for the week. We made some pretty cool flyers and made a program, but by the end of the week, the program had changed so much we had to just have the announcer have a handwritten list and just tell us what was going on. That was not fun for the
performers, because we didn't know when we were going to be up and he kind of jumped around from how we write it anyway. But it kept us on edge. Hahaha. But anyway, pretty much Monday was printing out the flyers and then going and giving them to members.

Then Tuesday was pretty much going and giving flyers to members and having lessons with them. Only, not a lot of people were home so it was a little bit of a struggle. And I had music but no way to practice at this point... no instrument.

Then Wednesday was planning, because normally we would plan on Thursday, but on Thursday we were having a koukan with Numazu. So we weren't going to have time then. So we decided it would be better to plan on Wednesday. Then the sisters wanted to practice the musical number we were all doing was just the primary song "child's prayer". So we had about half an hour before that so we just stood at an intersection by the church that high school and junior high school kids pass a lot and just handed out eikaiwa flyers.

Then that night we had a lesson with the Itou family and it was fun. It was funny because Itou Shimai told us specifically that it was not dinner and so we ate before we went. But at the end of the lesson, suddenly there were six pieces of KFC right in front of us. And then there was juice. And then there was some soup. And then came the main course of pesto. It was a great meal...but it was a meal we were unprepared for. Then, as tradition  requires, Itou Kyodai brought out a bunch of cool old coins and gave one to the new missionary. I received one when I first got here. And then it was time to leave and Itou Kyodai pulled out...the instrument. Yay!

But then on Thursday, we had the koukan, so I had no time to practice. But we found a new investigator at the college in Mishima, which is in the numazu area. And I improved my ping pong skills greatly. That's about all that happened that day. And of course...we went to Indo curry.

On Friday, we came back from our koukan and visited our favorite less active member...Kinya Kyodai! We talked about stuff and he looked at me and asked, can you read? Which, considering Japanese, isn't that weird of a question. And then he wanted me to read something and so we asked what his favorite scripture was. 1 Nephi 1:1. Pretty great. Unfortunately, we were a little later than normal so he had to go and take a bath to get ready for bed. Oh well. It was still good.

Then Saturday was the day of the concert! Well, music night. And I had practiced once! Ahhhhh! That morning we had zone conference and President Ishii was there! It was a lot of fun and we learned a lot. Then after that, we went with one of our investigators to a monastery and learned about his specific sect of Buddhism. It was pretty cool.  Lots of incense. And everyone wore a mantle. It was very cool. Then right after that we went with another investigator and celebrated his birthday and went out to dinner. Then we went with him to the music night. It was a ton of fun! Everyone did really well, except me, and everyone had a great time. And we had a lot of people show up. (Videos
will be included)

Then on Sunday, it was ward conference, which is usually boring, but since I had no idea what was going on, it was great! Haha! But seriously on of the speakers uses really hard Japanese. And then we
had shokujikai, which is like a potluck kind of. It is always fun. And that night we had a lesson with Sai and he is doing great. We invited him to baptism and he said that he would but that he wants to wait until he is a little more prepared to make a promise like that with God. So that was really great. Our big worry with him would be that he would just do it because we asked him to and not really understand what a big commitment it is. So that was a great lesson!

Well I hope you all have a great week and spend lots of time doing great and fun things. But, as President Ishii always says, have fun but not just fun, also have the spirit.

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