Monday, April 25, 2016

Lots of blessings in disguise, but not the last one. . .

        Good Morning! And for those of you in an other time zone, Good Evening! And I think there are a few Good Afternoon peoples!

        Well this week went by pretty smoothly. We had a few different miracles, nothing as big as last week, but they were still important. But this week I will start by writing our anti-miracles!

1. The sisters in Fuji got sick!
2. My bread started to mold!
3. A bunch of people weren't home when we had appointments to meet with them!
4. We saw a creepy bug!

        But as you all know, all of the trials that the Lord give us are blessings in disguise! 1. We got the opportunity to give the sisters blessings and the spirit in the room was a very unique one. 2. I had
the wisdom to buy extra bread last Monday so I was fine. 3. Since people weren't home, we talked to a lot more people on the street and we got to do some family history. 4. Not a was creepy.

        So we, last Monday, went shopping, you know just the normal pday stuff. And then that night, we went to a place that we thought of and literally followed the wind and it led us to some houses that we didn't know we're there! So we housed them and it was just normal, people saying no, or just shutting the door, or answering through the speaker box and then just hanging up when they are done talking to us...just the usual. But then we went and housed an apartment right next to ours because we got back and had extra time! And we found someone who had just moved in and wanted to listen to our message!

        Then on Tuesday, we went and visited Watanabe Kyodai, who is only less active because he is in a nursing home type thing. And he is so cool! We shared a little message and just talked for a while because we think that is what he really needs from us right now. And we tried to visit some former investigators up there, we were in the mountains, and that's where we saw the creepy bug.

        Then on Wednesday, the big thing that happened was we went to the Uematsu's house and had a lesson and we decided to help with English because they kind of mentioned that before and it was really fun! And for this week they told us not to eat dinner before we come, so yeah, big blessing! And they are really awesome!

        Then on Thursday, we went and got to visit our Brazilian friends Ronaldo and Marly! They are way good and are actually interested in the church! We taught them how to pray and she prayed in Portuguese and that was really a #throwbackthursday for me because she sounded like when my older brother says his prayers. But she forgot to end in the name of Christ. And to address Heavenly Father. So we are working on it. And then we did DKK or Weekly Planning. It We did some really good planning though and we actually cleaned our whiteboards and stuff, so it looks like it was good planning at least. And we had eikaiwa and it was a blast! And as almost always, we played Magical

        Then we got to go around and find people on Friday! And we finished our planning. We also got a call from a guy from Iran! Which is so cool and he was interested in eikaiwa and also about learning the church! We went to the Mac and had a crazy idea to just go sit with some high school guys and have some fun and invite them to eikaiwa and so we did. And we did some magic tricks for them and they were amazed! We were also going to see if they wanted to hear about the gospel but
it didn't feel right. Then we went and visited a member. And he is awesome! He said he really likes having us come over and share really short messages like we do every week. (We go because he used to be less active and just started coming back and because he has some really cool insights on the gospel).

        Then on Saturday, we had a good time going to visit all of the former investigators that an Elder that just finished his time on the mission had asked us how they were doing. And we had only ever met one of them and he dropped we were like, let's go see if they are ready to hear it again! The answer...mostly no. And lots of the people moved. Then that night we went with one of the members of the bishopric to visit our investigator Yoshimura. We talked about the Word of Wisdom
and he saw the little list in the pamphlet and was like I do all of these! I even used to do drugs! He said that he wants the blessings from God, but doesn't want to stop doing these. But he will stop
pachinko so that's good at least.  But we were worried after that he might drop us.

        Then Sunday was awesome like always! We had church and Yoshimura came! He said he still doesn't want to stop smoking and drinking, but he still likes coming to church. So that was good! He will figure it out sometime. And he said again in gospel principles that he knows that smoking and drinking are bad, but he doesn't understand why not coffee and ocha. So the teacher explained that for us that although the drinks seem to be good for our body, God gives us commandments for our spirit not our body, even if it were something that is good for our body, it is bad for our spirit. So that was good. He understands now, but doesn't want to stop. Oh well.

       Well that's about it for this week! I hope you all have a great on this week and that you find the peace, joy, and happy from the gospel.

Elder Richardson

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