Sunday, April 10, 2016

Sakura! Sakura!

Hello Everyone!

        This week was killer! And by killer I mean sick! And by sick, I mean radtacular! And it was super long, but also really short! The main highlights of the week are almost everyday! First, our Sakura finally bloomed and so now we have tons of pictures! They will be included at the end, well not all of them, but most of them.

        We started taking the pictures last Monday and did that until Wednesday, which was awesome, because most of the places we went had a ton of people there...just more chances to hear the gospel. And we got some totally bomb pictures! But one of the places we went to was a total dead zone, only us and the flowers. So we got some good pictures there and then high-tailed it out of there. Luckily we had plans to go to another park for Sakura that day and that was where the most people were.

        Then we got to go up a mountain to see more and it literally was a mountain, not THE mountain, but a mountain nonetheless. So many pictures with Fuji San and and the flowers.

        Anyway, on Monday, we visited with our Brazilian buddy Philippe and we talked about  prophets, shock, because for us it was general conference this weekend! And so we talked about that and it was good! Then we visited some people who we are trying to "Sudden Death" them, because we want to know if they want us to teach before we drop them. But they weren't home so we are going to go some other time.

        Then on Tuesday, we got to go visit the Sato family! They are awesome! And we were there and got to talk to a boy in the ward who is preparing to be baptized and he wants to know if it is the right thing to do! That is so awesome! He is really thinking about it, so we did a magic  trick and talked about faith and how it grows little by little. And then we got into the meat of the lesson, we told him that the prophet can receive revelation for everyone in the world. And that if he has a question, he will hear something in a talk in conference that will help him to answer it. He thought that was pretty cool, so I hope he did it. But he also like seven so you know...

        Then we got to go take more pictures of flowers...hahaha! But we then visited with Mirai, from the Phillipines, and we told him about prophets too! We talked about prophets a lot this week. And we invited him to General Conference.

        Wednesday's Highlight is that we got to go and have an actual sit-down lesson with the Uematsu family! They are the best! We talked about the Gospel of Jesus Christ and how it can change our lives. With that, we taught about the atonement and how it can change our lives.

        Then we got more Sakura pictures.

        On Thursday, we did not get any pictures of Sakura. But we did get to go on a koukan! With the zone leaders in Shizuoka! But it was raining all day and I forgot to bring my kappa pants so I was soaked! But it was ok, because we went and ate udon and I now have eaten duck neck! Which was actually good. Really good. I know now what my mom is always talking about when she says the chicken neck is good. I got to be with Elder Farias from Brazil and he is super cool! It was a fun time even in the rain.

        Then for Friday we had, as always pretty much, DTM (District Training Meeting)! Elder Tallent was sick and the Japanese doctors gave him all sorts of drugs to take, and he also hurt his back, so more drugs and so he was super high. He was telling us an experience and he ended up testifying for about 15 minutes about the spirit and how if the time is right for a baptismal invite, the spirit will just tell you. And then he went on to go harder and harder into the spirit. He was super into it, but at the end he was like, "And that's why...wait what was I talking about again?" We all laughed, but it was super good and we all felt the spirit.

        On Satruday, we got to watch General Conference! No one came as investigators, so we watched in a separate room in English with only the sisters. Then same for the afternoon session. Then for priesthood, we went to another room and it was only me and Elder Hansen. But that night we watched our favorites again, I actually like having conference a week later, because then you can read along, get the quotes you want and the scripture references and you can study it right after is over. The only thing is that we had to exercise self control and not read or watch them before.

        Then we had seminary that night, we didn't have to go, but there is only one young man in our ward and we think that we need to help him to feel less out of place. So we have decided to go every week if we can.

        Then we got to watch more General Conference on Sunday! Awesome! And in the morning, Yoshimura came! That was awesome, so we watched that session in Japanese, which was super hard. The translator people talked really fast to try to keep up with the speakers. So I had to review and watch those later that night. And we think that Yoshimura San liked President Uchtdorf's talk. It was really good. Then he had to go so we got to watch the last session in English, but it was only us because the Sisters had switched and on Saturday they watched in English and Uchimura Shimai read along in Japanese. And then on Sunday, they watched in Japanese and Wynn Shimai read along in

        So it ended up only one of the people we invited came to church and the others didn't, but I think that it really affected him. He said he like the part about the sheep and how we are all worthy to save and we don't need to have faith right now but only desire to believe. So I think all that inviting brought us a little miracle.

        Then we had time after Conference and so we went to the park to talk to people and we found some really cool guys doing tricks on their bikes. They were cool, but not that much interest. And they are really busy, so we are going to stop by whenever we see them there.

        And then we got to do some Family history last night because we had a little extra time at night and that is our back up. It was an awesome experience.

        My favorite talk this conference was in the priesthood session. I loved President Nelson's talk this time. But then I also liked President Uchtdorf's talk about repentance on Sunday morning.

        I hope you all have a great time and I love the chance that we all had to hear the voice of the prophet. His talks were very profound. They were short, but we can learn a lot.

-Richardson Choro

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