Sunday, April 3, 2016

Are you the police? No ma'am, we Mormons.

Do you know why fire trucks are red? Well there are four doors on a fire truck, there are three men. Four times three is twelve, there are twelve inches in a ruler. Queen Elizabeth was a ruler. The Queen
Elizabeth was a ship. Ships sail on the sea, in the sea there are fish. Fish have fins. The Finns fought the Russians. The Russians were always red. And fire trucks are always rushin' so therefore they are
red too.

My dear weekly readers, thank you for tuning in thus far. This program is brought to you in part by: Cafe Rio, every meal a masterpiece; the Boy Scouts of America, Be Prepared; Frozen, Let it Go; and Viewers Like You. Thank you.

This week was long and great! We noticed that very early in the week that many things happened and that they were all in this week. I will spare you some of the details, but not all. For Thursday, last Monday we went to the store. Then we traveled on Thursday for Friday and Saturday was a special day, it's the day you get ready for Sunday. Confused yet? Because I ran out of things to say and got a little bit lost myself. But we did all of that.

 On Monday, we went shopping for Thursday because Thursday was a special day! It was Yoshimura-san's Birthday! We decided to decorate his door and we bought him a leather jacket for a present! It was awesome and it fit Elder Hansen so we are pretty sure that it will fit him. Also we took some model pics with the jacket. They will be included at the end.

Then we had an awesome lesson on Tuesday with Sciki, another investigator, and we talked about Family History and temples. We weren't going to, but we felt good about it there and invited him to be baptized! Unfortunately, he decided he wasn't ready yet. But it was still a really good thing. He later texted us and asked not to meet, but this has happened before and so we are just waiting for a little while, sometimes people just need a break. Then we had service night with the ward that night and it was fun! And we got KFC! And found out that one of the Less Active Members of the ward is
in Tokyo. Oh well.

Then we biked super far on Wednesday and went to what our map said was a castle. It wasn't. But we talked to a really nice couple that were there also. And they told us where some nice Sakura blossoms were. We had a lesson that night where we did something that I haven't done in my entire mission yet. We went in and sat at the table to teach. The only people who invited us in were members. Then we taught them and they aren't that interested in the gospel as a religious interest, but they want to help us teach and they want us to teach their granddaughter English. So that will be good. And she does Kendo! So maybe we will also become sword masters!

On Thursday we had the time of our lives! Koukan! (Companion Exchange)! And I got to go to Numazu with Elder Baur! He is sick! And from Australia! So I just listened to him talk for a while, you know. And we ate...INDO CURRY! It has been a long time. So that was great. And they had an all-you-can-drink drink-bar so we pretty much made them go bankrupt on Mango Lasse. And we got to go to a real beach! In Fuji we just have a coast. But they have a great beach in Numazu! We also got to have eikaiwa! Yay! I love it, I missed Fuji's eikaiwa. I really get attached to my English students, but I will see them next week, oh wait, we have another koukan and I will be in Shizuoka probably. Yay! And we saw miracles in Numazu, because koukan days really should be called miracle days. We met a guy on the beach that they had met previously and we found out where and when he could be found consistently. He said he always takes that same trail on the beach home from work and he works until three. Yes! Lots of information. And then miracle #2! A lady that they met on the train came to eikaiwa and they thought they would never see her again because they didn't have anything to give her and she didn't give them any contact information.  Yes!

Then we had DTM on Friday and this one was entirely about Family History! It is so great! We get to do a lot of work and we are sure that that is how Japan is going to have its heart softened to the
gospel and just Christians in general. We talked about how we can help the members to have their faith strengthened using family history, and we directed that we just need them to do it. And we know how and sometimes maybe they don't. So we want to share it with them. And we visited a lot of people and committed them to doing family history. And the ones we visited turned out to be the ones that already do it, so we asked them to help others, by indexing the records that Japan already has in the database so that other people can find their ancestors' records. It is great!

 On Saturday, we did the aforementioned visits to people and talked a ton about history, at the Itou house, we ended up talking about coins and he collects coins and give us all a coin as a souvenir. It is cool! Mine has a Phoenix on it and shout out to all you Pokemon fans, you say Phoenix as ho-oh. Just saying, let your mind go over that line again. Ho-oh. Yep. But anyway it was great and although it took a lot of time to go visit them, I feel like it is worth it! And the back seat of his car might as well be the floor. But you know everything is smaller in Japan, is that a phrase? But the picture will be included! But batteries are not included!

Then on Sunday, we had church, yes I know that many of you are thinking, "but wait wasn't it general conference?" No not in Japan. We have conference next Saturday and Sunday! And so it was fast Sunday and it was good! We also got to go visit a man who is in the hospital and he was really happy to see us. We made sure that he had the Book of Mormon to read and he was very emphatic about food. It didn't help that we were fasting. #Grumblystomach but it was great! And we got to visit one of our investigators who is Chinese and we invited her to a hot plate party. Also food but I digress.

Anyway all in all, this week was good! We got a lot of work done and talked to a ton of people on the street. I give my thanks for all the people we talked to especially the couple from Seattle. They were really nice, had no interest, but unlike most other gaijin (foreigners) they were nice about it and still talked to us as people. I am really grateful for that. And #Throwback...uh Monday?  To about one year ago! We were on band tour to Disneyland over general conference, I know I'm bad! #You'reMySpoonfulofSugar #Hunter #PerformingArts #JordanMiles

I love all of you in various degrees, many of you are pretty awesome and the rest of you are also  pretty awesome. I hope you can tune in next week, same bat time, same bat channel.

                Elder リチャードソン

The coin collecting family.

In the back seat of the car.

Yay for Indo curry!

Elder Hansen in the leather jacket.

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